Pizza, pizza everywhere

Pizza, pizza everywhere

Postby Radiochocolate » August 11th, 2014, 11:40 am

So, basically this is a legacy that runs for 10 generations. But without the complicated scoring by Pinstar. It might require some custom content which I do recommend using.
Here's a link to some of them, including a pizza career, pizza restaurants, pizza straight from the fridge etc. Thank Plumbbob for MTS2 :pizza:
Especially the pizza foods will be a huge help.

Starting out:
You can create your founder either as an Young Adult or Adult. Make him/her however you like, but there is a bonus if his/her name has something to do with pizza.
As an Young Adult: Move him/her into a dorm, greek house, pre-made house or an empty lot.
As an Adult: Move him/her into an empty lot of any size you fancy.

Now here are the rules:

    1. The only thing your simmies will ever, ever, EVER get to eat is Pizza. That's right, you didn't expect them to eat salad, did you? It's okay to drink instant meals, juice etc. But as long as it's food, it got to be pizza. If you decide to run a bakery or restaurant, you may make other meals but make sure that they don't eat it!
    Exceptions: Babies, toddlers, birthday cakes, grandma's comfort soup, pets, wedding parties, vacation mementos, Santa Claus, the Headmaster, cheesecakes(pregnancy only).

    2. Your founder and heirs may only marry the pizza delivery NPCs. Alien pregnancies and Plantsim spores are allowed(a little spice doesn't hurt ;) ) but Plantsim spores may not be heirs.

    3. No cheats can be used. Except for bug fixes, same-sex pregnancies & building cheats.

    4. In general, hacks and mods are accepted, unless they give you an unfair advantage, like making the moods decay slower and such.

    5. If you got Seasons, you can harvest crops and sell them, but the ones you restock the fridge with and cook can only be those that are usually in pizzas, like tomatoes, pepper, cucumber etc. Think logically. Fishing and selling the fishes are allowed, but once again when it comes to food, think about what kind of fish would be in a pizza. And we're not talking about Golden Trout pizzas here.

    6. There is an immediate game over if anyone in the household eat anything besides pizza except for the exceptions. If it was a one time only caused by the player forgetting about the rules or an autonomous action, it's fine. As long as it was an honest mistake either by you or some nasty sim. But, it shall stay as a family secret.
If there is anything else I should add, please tell me.


+100 for completing the challenge.
+50 if all of the family members names (except spouses) have something to do with pizza.(Types, ingredients, restaurants...)
+50 if the exterior of the family house is made to resemble a pizza, a pizza box or just a slice of pizza.
+20 for downloading and using the custom pizza chef career by lientebollemeis.
+10 for each fulfilled LTW.
+10 for having a pizza business (doesn't have to be a restaurant, it can sell pizza paintings, empty pizza boxes etc.)
+1 for each heir born.
+1 for each heir + the founder that's written a cook book.
+5 for each maxed skill.
-5 for each social bunny meeting.
-10 for each aspiration failure.
-10 for each fire.
-50 for each sim that died of starvation(visitors don't count).
-100 for game over(rule 6).

Help from other pizzalovers in further developing this challenge is appreciated.

:pizza: Mia :pizza:
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