The Definitive Challenge Master Graveyard List

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Master Challenge List

The Definitive Challenge Master Graveyard List

Postby Heather » November 21st, 2019, 6:26 pm

Here lies the master list of now-dead challenges & ruleset links. If you have been able to recover or recreate one of these challenges, leave a link in the comment and I will add it back to the regular definitive challenges list!


10/10 digni7y:
10 Steps Chase:
$100,000 Extreme Empire taarah78:
20x20 Lizywizysosakuhn:
50 First Bites shakibone:


A+ CarrJoshua1991:
A to Z Adoption Kttyb1959: Sims 2 Challenges Podcast 143:
A to Z Kids PrawlerTiger:
Adopt a Child nickfirstgirlie: Sims 2 Challenges Podcast 139:
Adoption IndieLoverCJS123:
Aging EASims2Member1:
Alien Blackcat10106:
Alien Kstepek7:
All Alone in the World Lovessims6:
Alone Teen GaryRoachSanderson:
Alpha Family Race Wishline:
Anastacia mmmcheezy225:
Apoca-Lite deann000:
Aspiration roxyrox:
Aspiration Generation simentalove:
Asylum TS3 Mikkiness:


Baby LadySophieSims:
Battle of the Sexes kitastrophe:
Bible People Chyenne:
Bipolar Legacy KiariSims:
Bomb Shelter Riolana:
Build a City TS2 (No OFB required) dolphinmania1992:
Build a City TS2 (No OFB required) Alexination:
Build A City TS3, Modified by carizzo08 carizzo08:
Build A Royal Kingdom SkiesUpHigh:
Built on Dreams Ixaera:
Business Only MahioPie:


Castaway warren:
Caste System Challenge breakingthenight:[/color] (POSSIBLE LEAD: breakingthenight's blogspot)
Cowboys and Indians Riolana:
Creature britchenhauer:
(POSSIBLE LEAD: britchenhauer's TSR profile)
Creature Sjt:


Dark Genesis, a simplified apocalypse Amalgam:
Dating Legacy gmaidekamido:
Death Legacy Chase:
Death Pepsicolajuice:
Deathacy Sjt:
Diaries X_Beenie_X:
Diet Plan TS3 SKehrer:
Diva Legacy foxcastle:
Double Trouble LilyFlower:
Dramacy Amalgam:
Dream Home X_Beenie_X:


Empire Legacy cyberlandcow:
Epic Lifespan Ayesha (Dark Star) and Val (PaperWings):
Escape From Slum City deann000:
Every Achievement ryantdpla:
Everyday’s A Challenge Jendra:


Family yssis57:
Family Morals VQueen777:
Family Name ShutMeUp17:
Fortune the outlaster:
From Forest to Alien muleofthefoxxes:


Generational Challenge Jane:
Generations Through Time Twirly213Pop:
Genes That Stick! Meatpie:
Ghostly WYD TS3 Finwitch:
Goaly Playermttjms:
Good Ol' Fashioned Values ktroxell:
Gotta Catch 'Em All! dot823:
Graveyard M. Volta:
Guardian Dreamer32910:


Happy Holidays hugaloaf:
Harry Potter Magic World LadyAnna:
Homebody - Revised Rules Callista:
Homeless Sim heranje:


I Hate You, I Love You ZodiacRain:
I live for my job! darkangel985:
Infamousy GreenieGenie:
It's So Classic Riolana:
Immortal Sim thewriterannounced:


Journalist pokedude9777:


Killing Spree suzysim7018:
Knight in Shining Armor Simzgurl2910:


Land Dependency Jendra:
Landgraab pokedude9777:
Last Sims in the World Indigomermaid:
Least Favorite Aspiration ZodiacRain:
Legacy of the Dead puertoricansim9:
Legacy Through Time luciachan:
Legendary Hero KeranJaxsom:
Life Time Want puppylove55:
Living on a Prayer Challenge CrecioeVII
Lords of the Isle seenodumdums23:


Made For Each Other maskyna873:
Magical Rebellion tintofred1:
Maiden's Challenge SIMSROCKS992:
Major Challenge Wonderer:
Mascot Killer superdewk:
MASH Legacy rubysapphire840:
Master the Game! Maddyface:
Miri: A TS3 Challenge Callista:
Miserable Miser Jan:
Money Challenge Extreme Crow:
Monopolacy Johnny:
Multicultural Polygamy in TS3 beckykliv:
My Favourites Mtizirocker:


Paradise Island deann000:
Paranormal KTelgar:
Parallel Universe aimlessblonde:
Pets Ennenay:
Place to Call my Own TheBlackCatsLuck:
Psychiatrist hugaloaf:
Pure Enemies ShutMeUp17:


Quotable PixieDust:


Reverse Legacy Challenge Denimjo:


Shattered Alphabet Legacy AgentClank:
Sim-durance! hamsters4lyfe:
Sims 3 Achievement Teresa:


Turings First Player TS3 turing79:


Zombie Aftermath cannibalcupcake:
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