Drumsheugh BaCC: UPD. 09/29/2014

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Drumsheugh BaCC: UPD. 09/29/2014

Postby Chan » August 25th, 2014, 6:37 pm

I've started my second documented BaCC because now that I've got all the EPs and SPs... I just have to. I use the old rules and have my added challenge of completing as many LTWs as I can (So no ignoring the hard ones! :duh: )

The first chapter is sort of a test run for me having Fraps and Photoshop, so the pictures aren't very good. The second chapter is a little better, it's more me playing with the edits. I'm hoping by chapter three, I've got it all figured out. So apologies for the first chapter, but bare with me I'll get it! :D

So, here's my BaCC.

Year One: Wolff
Year Two: Wolff | Toyonaga
Year Three: Wolff | Toyonaga | Alvarez
Year Four: Wolff | Toyonaga | Alvarez |

Stats (As of last time I played, may be different from story stats)
Playables: 25
Free Sims: 8 (Used: 4)

SM: 7
(+1 for first Comm. Lot)
(+1 for first 5 Comm. Lots)
(+5 for first Business District: Annapolis)

Population: 200

Total Lots: 11
Households: 5

Community Lots: 6
• Marshall Wolff: Pinns and Coushins: Rank 10
• Dario Alvarez: Buzzed: Rank 10
• Marissa Bennett: Botanica : Rank 5
• Jill Wolff: Dance Dance Revolution: Rank 5
• Christy Toyonaga: Diner Dash: Rank 5
• Amelia Gheru: Get Your Gheru On: Rank 5

Rank 10: 2

Free Lots: 0 (Used: 1)
- Military Base

Law Enforcement: 0 of 2 ()
Business: Unlocked
- Business Tycoons: 1 (Clarence Toyonaga)
Dance: 1 of 1 (Marshall Wolff)
Culinary: 0 of 1
Criminal: 1 of 1 (Amelia Gheru)
Music: Unlocked
Architecture: 0 of 1
Military: Unlocked

Fires: 6
Burglaries: 0
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Re: Drumsheugh BaCC: UPD. 09/06/2014

Postby Lorinsv » September 9th, 2014, 9:59 pm

Great BaCC so far! I'm enjoying the humor and watching you strategize.
I love watching what people do with familiar faces from the game. The social townies with their "uniforms" was one of the more goofy moves on EAxis's part IMO, but oh well. I've always liked Jill and Christy and hope to move them into my BaCC eventually (I wonder if they would have the same move-in funds and LTWs, guess I'll find out!), but never expected Clarence to be so cool.

The kids are cuties, especially Jules. Wow, who would've thunk? :D

Vacations are frustrating when all they seem to want to do is sleep, even without being pregnant!

:thup: Looking forward to more Ultimate!
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Re: Drumsheugh BaCC: UPD. 09/18/2014

Postby Chan » September 18th, 2014, 9:31 pm


Thanks a lot! This is only my second legit BaCC, so it's fun to play around with how I want to tackle 50,000!

You know, until I read your comment, I didn't think about familiar faces? I totally forgot that though I'm only just getting the Ultimate Version, others have had other expansions for a WHILE! So that's pretty funny to know I'm super excited about these new townies that aren't really new at all.

Right? With the two noses on those two, I expected some weiiird looking kids, but I think 4/4 (as far as I've played) they're all SUPER CUTE!

My first vacation was a disaster lol, so I'm hoping to just go on a solo one, the next time I go. The benefits were great, but it kind of sucks for a non-rich sim, for me.

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! It's very nice of you :D :drinks:
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