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Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 8, Ch. 4 - 8/19/14

PostPosted: August 21st, 2014, 9:51 am
by Radiochocolate
Wait, Ani-Mei isn't the only one who can start new pages? :O

Ghosts, ghosts everywhere!

Brie, you cow -_-

Oh, Rose died. That's sad, I guess. It just doesn't feel all that feel-y when it's in the beginning of a chapter.

Do I sense a future shrink in Bay? (Shrinking bay... lol) Aaw, he is just too cute of a brother. #Bay4heir #oh, right...

Quick question: Did you plan on moving Lara in for the sake of a guardian when plot strikes, or did it just happen by itself (like Baltic & his exit scene)?

Missing vampires... Dun-dun-duuun!

Knowing you, that graveyard is probably going to get a few more gravestones before the legacy ends :P

To think that it's all started with Snow complaining at the camera, and now the Gen 9 kids are already in college... :cryingeyes:

I spy with my normal-sized eye that you haven't updated the family tree or the downloads directory yet. *whipcrack*

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 8, Ch. 4 - 8/19/14

PostPosted: August 23rd, 2014, 9:16 am
by Keika
Gasp! :O

The next challenge I do will NOT be one with free-roaming ghosts. -_-

Ba-dum-crash! ^^

Yeah, I usually try to have deaths be at least in the middle, if not the end. She was already too close to the end to draw it out, though.

I moved her in because of plot. I knew Rhea and Shane were going to die, and planned for it to be before the kids were teenagers. That meant somebody needed to be there when it happened, or I'd lose all the kids to the social worker. Of course, I didn't factor Rose and Lewis rolling so gosh-darned high on their elder day count, so Lara ended up not being as necessary as I thought she was going to be. Ah well, c'est la vie.

What ever makes you think that? :P

Oops, sorry! I'll get on that! *scurries off*

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 26th, 2014, 8:44 am
by Keika
Updated! And underneath the generation nine banner! Hooray!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 26th, 2014, 12:15 pm
by Ani-Mei
Well that explains where the vampires were hiding for the last three generations. If Arc invited everyone then wouldn't his son be in there too? Convienient though that Bay "decided" not to go in huh? :shiftyeyes: Or is this a way to end the immortal lives of the spares of previous generations? And since when was Arie single? What about Stalker Kevin? I'd hate to be dragged off to do something I didn't want to do, I'll find me a man in my own good time, when I'm damn well ready to go. But then again I'm a stubborn Aries Ram and no one makes me do something I don't want to.

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 26th, 2014, 12:46 pm
by Sam
The end is nigh D:

I'm still catching up, so here is a jumbled up comment on the last three chapters!

I love the kids, they all look so much like their parents! Saffron is definitely the best genetic mix, plus I love her name. Also her hair, where did you get that, by the way? :)

Rhea's ghost is red, a fire ghost. Did you kill them off for plot or was it an accident you worked into the plot? Just curious :)

Uh oh, where have the loathe disappeared to? This can't be good...

The nostalgia of an ancient legacy residence! It may not be quite what Clary was expecting, but it was fun to see it, all the same :D

Clary can use her indecisiveness to be one of those cartoonists that work for the newspaper, whose drawings act as some form of social commentary!

I love the fact Clary and June became friends! Even if it does spell chaos and torture for Spike.

Yay, June fell in love! :D

No Fen D: AND you left us there! You're so cruel *sobs* Now you need to update urgently!

Great updates, by the way! :)

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 26th, 2014, 1:42 pm
by SprinkleOfSugar
Welcome to college Clary! ;)
Are they....getting along?! June... is getting along with a legacy member?!
Poor Spike :( Hopefully Saffron can change things.
Ahh, Fen, welcome! Please show all the girls who's the real queen around here.
Aw... i feel sorry for Spike now though :(
Gosh i wish i had the motivation that Fen has! *-*
I do have to agree with the flying pink hearts, Bay is extremely cute. But i swear, if he ends up with June :evil:
....God dammit Bay
Poor Saffron :haha: But Aunt Arie does know best
And then there were 3...
Well Arc, you seem to be creepier than before... if that's even possible.

For god's sake Arc -.-' I am not amused...

Edit: And holy flying cow's, i made it onto the White Family Tree?! THANK YOU VIS AND YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL BLOODLINE!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 26th, 2014, 6:43 pm
by Keika

It'll probably never be explicitly stated in the legacy, so I don't feel bad saying it here. Bay is slightly psychic, with a specialty in sensing emotions. It'll make later events make just a touch more sense, but yeah, right now it's kind of :shiftyeyes: . ^^

Arc didn't invite everyone to the dinner. He's got a priority list; this was just the beginning to a chain of plans he's readying to set in place. He invited all of the gen nine's and all of the gen seven's. Rhea and Shane of generation eight are already gone, and Lara's an elder and can't have children (this dinner was placed specifically after her birthday). If all of the gen nine's went to this dinner, that would set the legacy back to generation eight. Generation eight is out of commission already, so that sets it back to generation seven. All of the generation sevens still around (Laurel, Ollie, Pepper, and their families) also went to the dinner, which sets the legacy back to generation six. Ella is gone, Vis is off-planet, and Sol married a playable. It's not as solid stone that it would be set back here, but it's still very possible that it gets set back to generation five. Generation five's Andi married a townie, which is outside my usual rules, which places it on Dane, who miraculously married a cheerleader NPC and would be eligible to take over as heir. Arc very carefully picked his victims for this dinner to set it back as many generations as possible and buy himself as much time as possible. Lucky for me ( :shiftyeyes: ) not all of the generation nine's went.

She's not single, she just decided to drag Saffron off because she's an intrusive aunt. :wink:

Thanks for the comment!


The kids are all great fun. I just wish they didn't look so MUCH like their parents. :P

I killed them off for plot. I used fire to do it because there's not really an obvious and easy-to-manage in-game way to reflect vampire bite and car crash. *shrug*

I had SO much fun playing that house for Clary's first year of college! The nostalgia made me so happy. :mrgreen:

Hey, Clary would be good at social commentary! That's a good idea!

Clary and June are just kindred souls. They fit each other like gloves, the brats. :haha:

I'm working on it! I'm finally out of pre-written chapters. I don't know how you write such constant plot-heavy chapters all the time. These ones are killing me! :P Thanks for the comment!

EDIT: Whoops, almost forgot about your question about Saffron's hair! I found it here. :)


Crazy, huh? What can I say, they're just perfect best friend material. :roll:

:rotfl: Queen Fen. :rotfl:

Spike was such a pushover. With love. :D

Arc + Vampires = Aw Crap. :shiftyeyes:

Yup, you're on the family tree! Good job winning that bachelor challenge! :) Thanks for the comment!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 26th, 2014, 10:33 pm
by Taube
Hurray! Wow, June and Clary are practically platonic soulmates. Their interactions crack me up, as does Fen's outfit. Ooh, I sense a dinner party . . . of DOOM. And, yep, that's pretty much what it was. What a lovely little cliffhanger you have there! I'm just so sad that this is almost over, but still loving every chapter. I can't wait to see what misery and occasional joy you have in store for your sims. ;) Keep up the awesomeness!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 27th, 2014, 9:45 am
by Anne
I think I haven't commented on the past three updates, and that made me feel guilty. :P I've read all of them and loved all of them! Well, I didn't love the horrible plot twists of course... Arc needs to chill the frick out. His revenge has been going on for long enough now!
Can't wait to read more! You and your cliff hangers...

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 28th, 2014, 12:55 pm
by Keika

They are just so deliciously malicious together! XD Yup, dinner party of doom indeed. Law of Conservation of Detail + This Legacy's Pattern = No Good Things Come Of Random Party Invitations. :yes: It's kind of frustrating, really, because it's kind of hard to spring surprises on you guys that way. :roll:

Thanks a bunch! We're getting close now--probably about three chapters and an epilogue left, if I'm estimating my outline correctly. ^^ Thanks for the comment!


Aw, it's okay. ^^ I don't do [most] cliffhangers on purpose, really! They're just the perfect places to end chapters! :haha: Thanks a bunch, Anne!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 28th, 2014, 5:45 pm
by MichelleCYoung
Commenting on two chapters at once, here.

What? NOOOO! That's just... Well, I'm glad she died a heroic death, and she's back with Lewis.

Poor Lewis, stuck in the professor outfit for eternity.

And, they're all off to college! Yay! I can't believe this is almost over.

I love June and Clary together. And Spike is such a sweetheart! Fen is Fen and Bay is absolutely adorable. I'm glad he and June got together.

Uh oh. I have a bad feeling about this.


WHEN are you going to update next?!

Dayum! You're good!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 28th, 2014, 6:03 pm
by MichelleCYoung
It just now occurred to me:

If you'd had a band playing, or even just a radio in the background, you could have had them suddenly listening to "The Rains of Castamere."

Just sayin'.

My one consolation is that you ended it during the evening.

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 1 - 8/26/14

PostPosted: August 31st, 2014, 9:26 am
by Keika
Yeah, Rose was so close to her old age demise, and then Saffron died conveniently right there, it was really just perfect to not ride with it. *nod*

Figures, really, that LEWIS would be the one with the professor coding. :rotfl:

Bad feeling: justified. ^^

I'm not sure what the "Rains of Castamere" are. Mind enlightening me? ^^;

When am I going to update next, Michelle? How about right now? :mrgreen:

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 2 - 8/31/14

PostPosted: August 31st, 2014, 11:21 am
by Sam
:hissyfit: Not Sun! I mean, the others were a tragedy, but Sun as well! I can't cope!

On the plus, hooray for things working out for the survivors. I'm pleased that Clary apologised, and that June is finally part of the family. Also, yay for the plantsims! :party:

*sniff* it's all coming to an end! Looking forward to the next update, Keika!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 2 - 8/31/14

PostPosted: August 31st, 2014, 12:32 pm
by Miri
I swear reading this story has become like reading a new Song of Ice and Fire story.
*the feels*
First Fen and then Sun the very next chapter?
You are trying to destroy us all before this is over aren't you?
Admit it.

Clary I love you and all but sometimes....but good for June making you apologize.
Wow I never thought I'd type that.
Must be weird realizing June is going to be in the family now. Though in some ways its fitting no?
Bay is awesome. So glad he at least is still around.
Bout time those Green beans did something useful.
So is Baltic dead too? I mean he was abandoned in that house with like no food a whole generation ago. :shiftyeyes:
Arc is...I just thought I didn't like Merry, but Arc......well I'm guessing there has to be a final showdown at some point. Maybe?
You're so close to the end. I'm really going to miss this addictive legacy....even if it does leave me a horrible emotional wreck at the end of every chapter. Sigh

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 2 - 8/31/14

PostPosted: August 31st, 2014, 1:11 pm
by IchigoMcCoy
...Keika, I want you to sit in the corner and think about what you've done.


Okay, now I can say my piece. DAMMIT, ROMI! Just...DAH! I haven't opened my game in months, but I should really do it so I can torture Arc. I know I promised that a long time ago and it might not actually happen for awhile still, but I will do it for stress relief purposes. Merry too, but Arc is the REAL evil. Merry was just a powerful brat. I'll get Arc. And Barcelona will help. I hope the ghosts of everyone he's killed (and his wife) come back from the grave and drag him to Hell. After he meets Spar, who calls him out on all his shit. Yes, good....good...Poor legacy kids and spares...

SUN, NO! DAMMIT, VAMPIRES! At least Sun gets to be with Jade now. But those vampires...Is it bad that I want to see a showdown between Contessa Hope and Contessa Lisa? A legacy destroyer vs. a legacy protector. SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!

You know, I think I'll play devil's advocate here. Yes, Clary was unnecessarily harsh. Yes, lashing out like that was uncalled for. Yes, it was while they were all mourning for family, but she has a point. Saffron's going to need to be strong to get through all of this and she can't just break down in a time when the family needs her. But they had just lost family and I'm glad Clary apologized. I'm just saying she wasn't completely out-of-line. Not completely.

As much as I missed Romi and don't mind her being a villain, it makes me sad sometimes. Romi, I love you, but dammit, you are far past the point of no return! At least while you're evil, kill Arc. He's not worth teaming up with. He'll stab you in the back, somehow, someway. Stab him in the back first. Then, we can be friends again.

Aw, the college house...Now, destroy it with sledge a family!

It's all coming down to the wire! Can't wait to see how it all ends! Keep going, Keika!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 2 - 8/31/14

PostPosted: August 31st, 2014, 1:39 pm
by SprinkleOfSugar
I have doomed myself... I read the first couple of lines on another post... SUN!? DID YOU REALLY TAKE SUN AWAY FROM US?!!?!?
I have no choice but to read now, eh? :(

Clary! Stop being a little cow >:( People are dead 'tis no time for arguments! Or maybe it is the perfect time for arguments....
.... Are you really going to do this Keika? ...Really? .....You are evil. But yes, at least he is with Jade at last :(
PLEASE SACRIFICE JUNE! That would make a perfect ending...although she doesn't really deserve that :duh:
Okay, yeah June really doesn't deserve that. But i still stand by the fact that Clary's a cow.
But at least Saffrons getting a man ^-^
Awww, that's sweet, double proposal!
I have to admit, when the vampire addressed the plant sims as vegetables i laughed... a lot.
Yay for Aunt Arie taking Blizzard!
Goodbye George!! :( Goodbye Greek house! :( Goodbye College! :D

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 2 - 8/31/14

PostPosted: August 31st, 2014, 7:16 pm
by Ani-Mei
HOW COULD YOU!?? Sun was supposed to see the very end of the legacy not get into second place. :cryingeyes: So we have plants, vamps, wolves, where's the zombies? Or did I just blow your final plot point? :rotfl: Well anyway, I had a long day today at the Fan Expo in Toronto so my brain is ready to zone out. But I will not forget what you did...

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 2 - 8/31/14

PostPosted: September 1st, 2014, 4:48 pm
by MichelleCYoung
You're so right, Ani-Mei. We need zombies. I know! Since Grim is Sera's father, and she wants to help, he can bring Sun back as a zombie. Oh, I know, there was that thing that made it so that NO ONE could come back, but he won't really be back, will he? He'll be a zombie. And he can go back to the Great Luau immediately afterwards. Sort of Rent-a-Sun.

As for the Rains of Castamere - it's a song from the Song of Ice and Fire series, aka, Game of Thrones. It is, shall we say, a foreboding tune. If I tell you any more than that, I will be guilty of one of the most massive spoilers ever. People literally freaked out about one particular episode, involving that song. That is all you'll get from me.

Also, I'm actually a bit more gripped by this story that by A Song of Ice and Fire. YEAH!

The final showdown - OMG! It's coming, and I'm not even sure I want it to, because that means the end. Unless, you take that final heir/heiress, the one that ends the whole legacy and WINS!!!!, and start a brand-new legacy with that one. Ohhhh, I'd love that.

I just hope that fireman dude isn't a spy.

Will we finally find out what happened to Baltic? Will Baltic truly turn out to be the savior Sera foretold, or was that Arie, all along. Will Blizzard be homeless?

I fully intend to post my own stories, as soon as I get some chapters ready. But, really, I know I can't possibly compete with you. Your summing and writing are fantastic! Also, from a technical standpoint, I can't even get Body Shop to work for longer than 30 seconds, and SimPE not at all, full stop, and pose boxes? Fuggetaboutit. So, I'm severely limited in what I can do, anyway. But I have the feeling that even if you were playing strictly vanilla, you'd make it absolutely ROCK!

Re: The White Legacy - Gen. 9, Uni. 2 - 8/31/14

PostPosted: September 1st, 2014, 4:50 pm
by MichelleCYoung
Darn auto-correct. SIMming.

I have no idea about your math skills.