The Sweetheart Legacy, a tale almost lost to time.

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The Sweetheart Legacy, a tale almost lost to time.

Postby Peanutbutter » December 27th, 2018, 3:57 pm

A long, long time ago, back I think on the first Boolprop forums, I decided to have a proper go at the legacy challenge. I was so excited as I built their neighbourhood and made my founder.

Presenting, for the first time in about 8 years, the story of the Yum-Yums. (don't judge me for the name, I was a teenager)

Alice was usually a obedient child, but there was one thing she always got in trouble for- her sweet tooth. Her mother really didn't like her love of cakes, cookies, chocolate, ice cream...poor Alice was the one kid who never got to eat cake at a party and that on the few occasions she did get to have candy, it was the horrible sugar free lollipops. As she got older, Alice, as many kids do when they're not allowed a food at home just chowed down at school or at a friend's house and used her allowance to buy herself stuff that would never normally be allowed in the house. Unfortunately one day, she was sneaking an empty bag of cookies upstairs when she was caught by her mum. (uh oh) Ever hot headed and stubborn, Alice's mum was furious and confiscated the offending article. Alice ran upstairs and sobbed. She was sick of her mum's attitude towards anything that wasn't a vegetable. Healthy food may be good for you, but there's no harm in a treat now and again. So, Alice hatched a plan. She would show her. 10 generations of Sims, all sweet as sugar would show her. And the day after her 18th birthday, so she did....

Looking out at the stretch of lot in front of her with just a few items of furniture to call her own, she wondered if she had been a bit silly. Still, she powered on, working her way through the science career, when she met Brandi LeTourneau. The two got on famously and fell deep in love with each other. Eventually Alice asked Brandi to marry her and she readily accepted. The ceremony was just a typical for early legacy challenges bare living room one, but it barely mattered to the happy couple, and soon Alice also fell pregnant.

She gave birth to a daughter, named Starmix, a adorable child with brown hair and eyes just like her mother. She lived a happy life, even though the family were so poor they couldn't even afford to paint the walls for a while. Soon after came baby Sherbert, another girl. The two were inseparable. Brandi got to the top of the Criminal career path and Alice the Law Enforcement one, leading to a little bit of tension among the two. Still, the two kids grew up and Starmix was named the heir of generation 2.

Generation 3, like generation 2 brought 2 children, both again girls. Cherry and Strawberry, both named for fruits. As before, they grew up happy and when their house got a major makeover when they were children, each had the luxury of their own room, packed with plenty of toys and space. Cherry became the generation 3 heir to lead on to generation 4.

Cheesecake and Battenberg were the two children of generation 4, and this time were both boys. Unfortunately when they became teens, Alice sadly passed away, followed by Brandi some time later to much sadness both from the family, and from me. The kids's teenage years were overcast with grief for their great grandparents and a determination to carry on strong to see the legacy through.

Cheesecake became the heir, and had a son and a daughter, Banana and Raspberry. Here I started running into glitch problems which caused them to have to move house to mixed success. The kids despite this learned all their skills and grew up fairly well, although I never managed to get many pictures of them due to the glitching. And now I was halfway through!!

Banana took over as the heir for generation 5 and yet again had another boy and girl, Trix and Crunchie. (named for UK chocolate bars.) They moved house yet again, but this time because they ran out of space and I had made a lovely place for them inspired by a house I saw on tv. There was no lack of money at this point, nor people to teach the kids skills and provide attention, so they grew up slightly spoiled.

Crunchie became the generation 6 heir, and generation 7 was even smaller then usual- only one child, a boy named Toffee. Needless to say, he grew up even more spoiled rotten then the last generation, and when it came time to pick a heir, he had no competition!

Generation 8 saw a boy, named Apple with red hair and a love of dancing, and a girl, named Mango with a love of skipping and blowing bubbles. Mango was named the heir, and I was getting so excited to be so close now!

Generation 9's kids were named Tomato and Cinnamon, like every generation before them good kids who studied hard and were well behaved and Cinnamon took over for the last exciting stretch- finishing the legacy challenge!! Generation 10 saw only one child, a girl named Sugar. And it was all over!

They were a fun family to play and did so well. I had at least one Sim achieve a LTW per generation and the family had well over 150,00 by the end. Unfortunately, it also came with problems- I didn't know any better and used the deleteallcharacters cheat before the beginning. The neighbourhood by the end was a glitchy mess with dissappearing Sims and many problems. The neighbourhood met its glitchy end not long after I finished the legacy.

But before they went, something amazing did happen. Alice's mum finally, and very grudgingly, had some cake! Even she had to admit it was pretty good.

And there you have it! That's the Sweetheart legacy in a nutshell. The story was all uploaded to the TS2 Exchange- remember those days? And in 2014, EA announced that the Exchange's days were numbered. Stupid me didn't think to archive it or save the story, and so it was lost to time- the neighbourhood, or what was left of it was on a old old pc removed a long time ago and so were the pictures. However, luckily for you, and especially me, I had the foresight to make a video containing every generation's names and a outline of the goings on after I finished the legacy and to upload it to Youtube, inspired by another legacy I had read that did the same thing. I pored over songs for it for days!!

Without further ado, here it is!

Thank you for reading and thanks to Teresa for letting me know I can share my family's story here and get the medal despite the actual story updates being long gone.

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Re: The Sweetheart Legacy, a tale almost lost to time.

Postby Teresa » December 27th, 2018, 4:05 pm

Woot - Awesome recap. I am glad you had the video and all the information so you could publish it here.

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