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Goldweaver Family Legacy

PostPosted: October 10th, 2014, 10:11 pm
by mysterymusic7
Actual Goldweaver Family Legacy Chapters

Generations 1-5


Generation 6:
Chapter 10A: Years in Waterfall Springs
Chapter10B: Years in Waterfall Springs
Chapter 10C: Years in Waterfall Springs The Conclusion
Chapter 11: As One Chapter Ends Another Begins
Chapter 12: Anything But Fine
Chapter 13: Restless Nights
Chapter 14: Exiles- AN: From this point on a great deal of characters from Generation 4 are no longer in the story. My computer of 5 years crashed and burned and I had to recreate as many sims as I could from memory onto a new computer. I salvaged as many characters as I could, but characters like Atreyu and others are dead and will not be returning. :(
Chapter 15: Nightime Thoughts
Chapter 16: Prohpecy Fullfilled?
Chapter 17: A New Guardian
Chapter 18: We Come to Journey's End
Chapter 19: Dreaming Awake
Chapter 20: Whose Your Daddy?
Chapter 21: The Key Piece
Chapter 22: Unexpected Happenings
[url=http:///]Chapter 23: A Change is Coming[/url]
Chapter 24: Mist
Chapter 25: People of the Past
[url=http//]Chapter 26A: You Can't Fight Fate[/url]
[url=http//]Chapter 26B: You Can't Fight Fate[/url]
Chapter 27: Truth and Hate are Blind
Chapter 28: Do you Love Me Enough to Let Me Go? Part 1
Chapter 29: Do you Love Me Enough to Let Me Go Part 2

Generation 7:

Generation 8-10

Guide to Whose Who in the Goldweaver Family Volume 1

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Re: Goldweaver Family Legacy

PostPosted: January 10th, 2015, 9:54 am
by Teresa
Congratulations on finishing this legacy. Enjoy your pretty little medal (I am really behind on my reading and so glad to see you have been properly rewarded ;) :lol: )

Re: Goldweaver Family Legacy

PostPosted: March 18th, 2016, 2:27 am
by MichelleCYoung
OK, so I read the first chapter of Ryker Kim's legacy, and it mentioned this one, and I had to find it. Although some of the links here on Boolprop are broken, I found a link on LiveJournal, and although some of the chapters are missing on LiveJournal, the ones that are missing here are there, and the ones that are missing there work here, so I managed to binge-read the ENTIRE thing.

Wow! I was utterly gripped from beginning to end. Seriously, I was playing my own apocalypse, with 4 lifts left to go, and decided I'd read ONE chapter, during a loading screen (on my laptop, I'm reading on my Mac), and when the laptop went into sleep mode, I just put it aside, and kept on reading.

I am utterly incapable of doing all the plotting and planning you do for this story. Seriously, this is amazing to me! Your characterization had everyone being very individual and identifiable, and even the "big bad" of the war was so sympathetic, in the end. Wow!

Amazingly enough, though, after reading this whole thing, I'm still left with the same questions I had at the end of Chapter 1 of Ryker Kim's legacy. But I have no fears. I know it will all come out, eventually, and probably knock my socks off then, too. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for updates. :pouts:

Re: Goldweaver Family Legacy

PostPosted: September 20th, 2018, 10:21 pm
by MichelleCYoung
So, I got sucked into reading this again, mainly looking for sims to download into my own game.

Please fix the link for chapter 7a. It goes to 7b, and it should go here:

Well, on to the next bit! This is still so good!

Edit: Please fix the link for Chapter 13, Restless Nights: ... ess-nights

Edit: Please fix the link for Chapter 16, Prophecy Fulfilled?: ... fullfilled

Edit: Please fix the link for Chapter 21, The Key Piece: ... -key-piece

Edit: Please fix the link for Chapter 22, Unexpected Happenings: ... happenings

Edit: Please fix the link for Chapter 23: ... 23-3624285

Edit: Please fix the link for Chapter 26a: ... fight-fate

Edit: Please fix the link for Chapter 26b: ... fight-fate

Edit: So, I finished it all again. The rest of the links work fine. DANG! This really was gripping! You know how to do drama!