Ivy Muse's WYDC: Complete

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Ivy Muse's WYDC: Complete

Postby cynicalbadger » February 9th, 2015, 3:55 am

Moved from old boolprop since this is my only Sims accomplishment

WYDC Rules

Baby A
Baby B
Baby C
Baby D
Baby E
Baby F
Baby G
Baby H
Baby I
Baby J
Baby K
Baby L
Baby M
Baby N
Baby O
Baby P
Baby Q
Baby R
Baby S
Baby T
Baby U
Baby V
Baby W
Baby X
Baby Y
Baby Z

Meet the Muses
Adopt a Muse

Score = 178.1

Complete Bonuses

Lifespan Normal (worth 0.2 bonus)

Social Group Cluster (worth 0.3 bonus)
Jock Baby Daddy B
Nerd Baby Daddy F
Rebel Baby Daddy H

The Travel Cluster (worth 0.3 bonus)
Shang Simla Baby Daddy A
Champs Les Sims Baby Daddy C
Al Simhara Baby Daddy I

The Hubby (worth 0.1 bonus + variable bonus)
Conceived on Home Lot:
Baby Daddy M
Baby Daddy N
Baby Daddy P
Baby Daddy R
Baby Daddy V
Baby Daddy X
Variable bonus = 0.06 / Total bonus = 0.16

The Occult Cluster (worth 0.9 bonus)
Vampire Baby Daddy B
Ghost Baby Daddy D
Imaginary Friend Baby Daddy E
Witch Baby Daddy F
Alien Baby Daddy G
Plantsim Baby Daddy H
Werewolf Baby Daddy J
Fairy Baby Daddy L
Genie Baby Daddy N

The Zodiac Cluster (worth 1.2 bonus)
Capricorn Baby Daddy A
Leo Baby Daddy B
Aries Baby Daddy C
Libra Baby Daddy D
Sagittarius Baby Daddy F
Gemini Baby Daddy G
Scorpio Baby Daddy I
Virgo Baby Daddy J
Taurus Baby Daddy L
Pisces Baby Daddy N
Aquarius Baby Daddy O
Cancer Baby Daddy P

The Celebrity Cluster (worth 0.6 bonus)
0 stars Baby Daddy A
2 stars Baby Daddy E
1 star Baby Daddy F
3 stars Baby Daddy N
4 stars Baby Daddy Q
5 stars Baby Daddy Z

The Job Cluster (worth 1.5 bonus)
Fortune Teller Baby Daddy E
Science Baby Daddy J
Music Baby Daddy K
Service Baby Daddy L
Military Baby Daddy M
Sports Baby Daddy N
Medical Baby Daddy Q
Business Baby Daddy R
Criminal Baby Daddy S
Education Baby Daddy T
Political Baby Daddy U
Film Baby Daddy V
Journalism Baby Daddy W
Culinary Baby Daddy Y
Law Enforcement Baby Daddy Z

Lifetime Rewards (variable bonus)
List from Sims Wikia, ordered by EP not cost of reward
Fast Metabolism 0.01
Speedy Cleaner 0.01
Discount Diner 0.01
Professional Slacker 0.01
Office Hero
Legendary Host

Complimentary Entertainment 0.01
Bookshop Bargainer 0.01
Fertility Treatment 0.01
Opportunistic 0.01
Multi-Tasker 0.01
Steel Bladder 0.01
Never Dull 0.01
Change Lifetime Wish
Attractive 0.01
Vacationer 0.01
Haggler 0.01
Fast Learner
Dirt Defiant
Long Distance Friend
Mid-Life Crisis 0.01
Super Green Thumb 0.01
Hardly Hungry 0.01
Body Sculptor 0.01
Acclaimed Author 0.01
Extra Creative 0.01
Collection Helper 0.01
Food Replicator 0.01
Moodlet Manager 0.01
Teleportation Pad 0.01
Inappropriate but in a Good Way 0.01
Jetsetter 0.01
Eye Candy
Change of Taste 0.01
Prepared Traveler 0.01
No Jealousy
Stone Hearted 0.01
No Bills Ever
Learned Relic Hunter 0.01
Carefree 0.01
Meditative Trance Sleep 0.01
Professional Simoleon Booster 0.01
Efficient Inventor 0.01
Entrepreneurial Mindset 0.01
Suave Seller 0.01
Artisan Crafter 0.01
Fireproof Homestead 0.01
My Best Friend 0.01
The Hustler 0.01
Watering Hole Regular 0.01
The Next Big Thing 0.01
Excellent Groupie 0.01
Master of Seduction
Better Mixologist 0.01
Always on the List 0.01
Map to the Stars
Hover Bed 0.01
Clean Slate
Super Nanny 0.01
Inheritance 0.01
Above Reproach
Clone Voucher 0.01
Motive Mobile 0.01
Age Freeze Potion
Young Again Potion 0.01
Raised by Wolves 0.01
Animal Expert 0.01
Engaging 0.01
That Was Deliberate 0.01
Perfect Host 0.01
Fearless Voyager 0.01
Born to Cook 0.01
Dusty Old Lamp
Flying Vacuum 0.01
Philosopher's Stone 0.01
Competitive Eater 0.01
Festival Frequenter 0.01
Simmunity 0.01
All Weather Champion 0.01
Immune To Cold 0.01
Immune To Heat 0.01
The Cloud-inator 9000 0.01
Climatron Control Unit
Jock Influence
Nerd Influence
Rebel Influence

Honorary Degree 0.01
Ivy's Lifetime Reward Points: 145,300
Lifetime Rewards not used: 69

Total Variable Bonus = 0.69 bonus

Bonus total = 5.85 + 1 = 6.85
Score = 26 Pregnancies x 6.85 bonus = 178.1

Golden Plumbobs 2017
Categories nominated in:
:plumbob: Best Founder in a Completed Story
:plumbob: Best Completed Sims 3 Challenge
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