Jasmine Starling's 100 Baby Challenge

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Jasmine Starling's 100 Baby Challenge

Postby skyegal23 » January 30th, 2016, 8:31 am

Welcome to my 100 Baby Challenge, I want to complete this one and I am determined too. I am currently at 61 babies, only 39 to go.
The Mum of My Challenge is Jasmine.
Traits: Commitment Issues, Flirty, Family Oriented, Green Thumb and Artistic
Ltw: The Perfect Garden
Faves: Pink, Kids music and Pancakes
Sign: Scorpio
Now for the Rules, I will be following.
  1. Money is made through painting, gardening and other self employed work, Currently Jas is a self employed Gardener after maxing the painting career.
  2. Each Pregnancy has a unique dad
  3. Jas doesn't age and the children are on a Custom Normal Aging that I use for all my games, That is Babies- 2 Days, Children and Toddlers- 7, Teens- 14, YA/Adults- 21 and Elders 18.
  4. Babies cannot be aged up early, Children and Teens need an A in school and toddlers need to be taught to talk, walk and use the potty before aging up otherwise they wait for their birthday.
  5. I use an Multiple Birth Mod, Pregnancy Controller and Nrass Mods
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