The Shepherd Legacy! Upd Feb 10th 2016 - 7.3

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Re: The Shepherd Legacy! Upd Feb 10th 2016 - 7.3

Postby pucksummerdream » February 10th, 2016, 6:13 pm

hmm...i think it's a total tossup with the girls. at least in my opinion. but i'm horrible at pitting girls against girls, beyoncé taught me to not do that.

i will say that even though i like Art's genetics more, i think Athena has a more fun personality, which might make it more interesting in the longrun. but again, total tossup for me!

great chapter!!!
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Re: The Shepherd Legacy! Upd Feb 10th 2016 - 7.3

Postby Ally » February 12th, 2016, 2:15 am

Totally reading this instead of what I'm meant to be doing... :shifty:

"I've gotten terrible at this game" :lol: That made me laugh. It's how I feel whenever I play now!
Apollo grew up great!
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Artemis grew up pretty :) I like her.
Tough choice on who should be heir... I think Artemis :D
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