Those Colorful Curcubeus: Gen. 3 Heir Poll

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Who should be the Gen. 3 heir(ess)?

Poll ended at May 24th, 2021, 11:11 am

Coal Curcubeu
Ebony Curcubeu
Obsidian Curcubeu
Total votes : 6

Those Colorful Curcubeus: Gen. 3 Heir Poll

Postby nooboostar » May 17th, 2021, 11:11 am

Hey there, everyone, I hope you're all ready for another Curcubeu poll because this time I want you guys to help me pick out the Gen. 3 heir(ess)! There are three beautiful candidates to choose from this generation: the triplets Coal, Ebony and Obsidian. I'll leave their profiles under the cut, as usual, and I'll leave the poll up for a week (i.e. until the 24th). I also made one on my LJ if you'd like to vote there instead (or maybe you'd even like to vote in both polls, it's totally up to you). Happy voting! :D

So who do you want to see take the reigns from Mauve, Blackcrest's very own Don Juan Lothario?
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