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Who will create the ugliest offspring of all of Myrna Fugly's 22 (+) adult children? *Part 3 *

Loki 19th & Kari
No votes
Loketta 20th & Waylon
No votes
Loketta 21st & Professor Andrew
No votes
Loketta 22nd & Professor Jessie
No votes
The Wildcard: Loki/ Loketta 23?
Total votes : 2

The Fugly Family Scrapbook * The Poll * Lokis 19 +

Postby modelmgt » July 9th, 2016, 9:23 am

Since there's a limit of 10 poll answers per poll, I'm splitting this poll up into 3 parts.
Loki the 3rd and Wife-O-Matic #T239 are disqualified for the obvious reason. :no:

If you do not see the couple/option you want to bet on, go to Part 1(#s Jr-10)here:

Or go to part 2(#s 11-18) here:

:check: The original Fugly Family Scrapbook(including all photos) is here:
Thanks for playing, and have fun! :party:
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