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ISBI Founder

Postby skyegal23 » May 15th, 2016, 2:10 am
Hi, I wanted to start a ISBI and use one of my 100 babies from my 100 BC but I can't decide on who out of the lucky contestants that have one of the traits, that I need. I am using toxi updated rulesnot the original rules so the founder must have one of the following traits- Insane, childish, absent-minded, inappropriate or Unstable (Without Hospital Fix)
So without further ado, it's time to meet the contestants
Choice number 1 is Peter Starling, He was the first baby in my 100 BC and his traits are Traits: Athletic, Excitable, Artistic, family oriented and Childish.
LTW: Superstar Athlete.
Choice number 2 is Amber Starling, She was Baby Number 7 in my 100 Bc. Traits: Disciplined, friendly, Never Nude, Inappropriate and Easily Impressed
LTW: Martial Arts Master
Choice Number 3 is Sapphire Starling, triplet sibling of Amber. Traits: Virtusco, Absent minded, Loser, socially awkward and savvy sculpter
LTW: Descendant of Da Vinci.
Choice Number 4 is Alexander Starling, the last triplet with Amber and Sapphire. Traits: Eccentric, Easily Impressed, Inappropriate, Artistic and star Quality
Ltw: Paranormal Profiteer
Choice Number 5 is Abel. He was Baby 12 in my 100 BC. Traits: Insane, loves the heat, dog person, evil and Adventurous
LTW: Emperor of evil.
Choice Number 5 is Baby 16 Adrienne. Traits: Excitable, Artistic, loves the heat, animal lover and inappropriate
Ltw: Home Design Hot shot
Choice Number 6 is Baby 19 Amalia.Traits: Evil, Absent-Minded, loves the cold ,Easily Impressed and Slob
Ltw- Emperor of Evil
Choice Number 7 is Baby 31 Sumaiyah. Traits: absent minded, light sleeper, diva, schmoozer and equestrian
Ltw: vocal legend
Choice Number 8 is Baby 35 Jayla. Traits: Loner, Artistic, Easily Impressed, Cat Person and Inappropriate
Ltw- The Cat Herder
Choice Number 9 is Baby 36 Alexia. Traits: Insane, Artistic, Perceptive, inappropriate and Flirtry
Ltw- The Heartbreaker
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Re: ISBI Founder

Postby Voguishstorm » May 16th, 2016, 9:10 am

I'd pick number 9, some interesting genetics and her LTW is fun to play so it's a good start for a legacy to get people hooked up if you want to document it.
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