The Dawsons: Heir Poll Gen 9

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Who will be the Gen 9 heir of the Dawson Legacy?

Landen Dawson
Simon Dawson
Total votes : 5

The Dawsons: Heir Poll Gen 9

Postby maryselorraine » July 15th, 2021, 12:10 am

Choose which heir you would like to see continue the Dawson legacy.

As usual, I'm publishing this poll ahead of posting the chapter up till which all kids have grown up to teens...

This is the first generation that's all boys! Therefore at the end of this poll we will have our 2nd male heir for the Dawson legacy (so far we've had heiresses for all generations except for gen 7).

Landen Dawson - Proper - Childish - Quick Learner

Simon Dawson - Glutton - Dog Lover - Home Turf

Vote away!
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