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Red Data Legacy :: Generation A Heir Poll

PostPosted: August 12th, 2016, 11:25 am
by TheAmazingRey

Akikiki "Kiki" Red is the oldest child. Wants to have a big, happy family. Her traits are domestic, bookworm, and kleptomaniac, although she sucks at stealing things. She's not a good role model but she is a good fashion role model.


Avahi Red is our middle child, with aspirations to be a musical genius. Her traits are muser, insider, and kleptomaniac. She's a better thief than her older sister, despite dressing like a kindergarten teacher. Her aesthetic is pastels.


Altai Weasel Red is our youngest. She goes by Altai for short. Hasn't had much time to let loose, but she wants to be a party animal. Her traits are gregarious, neat, and goofball. She enjoys causing and reveling in drama.