Carrington Alphabet Legacy Generation A Heiress Poll

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Who should be Heiress?

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Carrington Alphabet Legacy Generation A Heiress Poll

Postby Seera » July 8th, 2018, 3:51 pm

Not currently published as I want to make sure I'll play the family through the end of the challenge before I spend time posting.

However, my Heir Law is Democracy. Which means, I need an heir poll if I have more than one eligible heir candidate.

My Gender Law is Strict Matriarchy. So don't expect to see any males here. My Bloodline Law is Strict Traditional. Which means no adopted kids either.

My founders are Williow Carrington and townie Sterling Barlow. They had three kids, all females. So I have to have to an heiress poll.

I'm playing on Long, but I want to make sure I'm focusing on the heiress to make sure they achieve their child and at least 2 adult aspirations. Which means I need to know who my heiress is before they hit teenager.

So now that all three of the girls are toddlers, it's time for the heiress poll. I have already rolled for their traits and aspirations.

Candidate #1:


Andromeda Carrington
Child Aspiration: Social Butterfly
Adult Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Traits: Music Lover, Hot-Headed, Snob

Candidate #2:


Amelia Carrington
Child Aspiration: Social Butterfly
Adult Aspiration: Successful Linage
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Art Lover, Outgoing

Candidate #3:


Alexandra Carrington
Child Aspiration: Whiz Kid
Adult Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Traits: Vegetarian, Neat, Outgoing

Clothes and appearances may not be the same in any published version as I may have new packs that have better suited hairs and clothes for them. This is just an example of what they will look like based on the hairs and clothes I have. I may also start downloading CC hair and clothes.

I have allowed the option to revote should you change your mind before the poll closes. I'll close the poll when one Sim has a big lead or I'm within 7 days of Andromeda reaching teen years (ie: gives me a week if she is heiress to make sure she finishes her child aspiration).
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