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Family Jewels Name Game Heir Poll (Gen. 2)

PostPosted: March 28th, 2021, 1:45 pm
by Taube
Hello! You can catch up on the chapters here and then vote on your favorite. I've included some info about each of the kids and their pics here to help you decide. This is Family Jewels Name Game: Maximum Brood, so none of the names are short, but let's be reasonable, okay? ;) Thanks for voting and reading!

Quetzalcoatlite "Quetzal" Cabochon
Pregnancies required: 15
New letters: C, E, I, L, O
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Personality: Dog Lover, Unflirty, Paranoid
Bio: Quetzal's name was given as a joke but now she's paranoid she'll be called on to fulfill it. She was a good kid but got progressively more boring and a worse personality as she got older.

Qusongite "Qusong" Cabochon
Pregnancies required: 9
New letters: E, G, I, N, O, S
Aspiration: Master Vampire Super Parent
Personality: Vegetarian, Dog Lover, Loner
Occult: Vampire
Bio: Qusong is a successful vampire who longs to have a family of her own in addition to her vampire family.

Ulexite "Ulex" Cabochon
Pregnancies required: 7
New letters: E, I, L, X
Aspiration: Bestselling Author Nerd Brain
Personality: Dog Lover, Childish, Kleptomaniac
Occult: Vampire
Bio: Ulex is not very bright, but that's never stopped her from taking on the most challenging of intellectual pursuits. She's hoping if she gets to be in my control, she'll actually get to steal some stuff for once.

Axinite "Axi" Cabochon
Pregnancies required: 7
New letters: E, I, N, X
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire The Curator
Personality: Cat Lover, Childish, Vegetarian
Bio: Axi is nominally the black sheep in being a cat lover instead of a dog lover like all her siblings, but she's a quiet soul who's never chafed much against expectations.

Rubellite "Ru" Cabochon
Pregnancies required: 9
New letters: B, E, I, L
Aspiration: Big, Happy Family
Personality: Dog Lover, Jealous, Hot-Headed
Occult: Mermaid
Bio: Although Ru has always been the calm, pool-loving consummate middle child, her personality suggests that she must keep herself on a pretty tight leash to be so level.

Topaz Cabochon
Pregnancies required: 5
New letters: A, O, P
Aspiration: Master Chef
Personality: Vegetarian, Dog Lover, Recycle Disciple
Bio: Topaz is an ultimate chef, having maxed three cooking skills. She's a very quick learner.

Zoisite "Zoi" Cabochon
Pregnancies required: 7
New letters: E, I, O, S
Aspiration: Musical Genius Friend of the World
Personality: Dog Lover, Jealous, Maker
Bio: It's a shame Zoi's name is worth so few points because she's already a massively accomplished sim, having completed Scouts, an aspiration, and three skills.

Zircon Cabochon
Pregnancies required: 6
New letters: C, I, N, O
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Personality: Dog Lover, Materialistic, Maker
Bio: As the youngest and only boy, Zircon apparently decided he was special enough, so he never tried particularly hard, but he did serve a lot of coffee.