What sort of community lots do you use?

What sort of community lots do you use?

Postby goeswithoutsinging » September 1st, 2018, 5:11 pm

The title probably sums it up but- I'm building a neighborhood at the moment and part of that involves setting up community lots!

So besides the standard groceries and/or clothing stores, what do you usually add to your neighborhoods? Libraries? Basketball courts? Massage parlors? "Massage" parlors?
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Re: What sort of community lots do you use?

Postby Twilightoutside » September 4th, 2018, 6:06 am

Good question. Like you already mentioned, first thing might be Community lots for the bare necessities - a supermarket, a clothing store, a newsdealer, a video game shop, a restaurant, a park for hanging out - so you can buy all the stuff you can't normally buy at home without mods/hacks and need a community lot for or just a place to go to with other Sims on a date or outing.

Of course, it depends also on the fact if you are playing a certain challenge, so an apocalypse doesn't allow the aforementioned community lots at first - and if you have an medieval/victorian/etc. setting, the community lots should reflect that, so no video game shop in such a hood...

Next question is also, what kind of CC you have - there are beautiful deco items like shoes that would allow for a nice shoe store, or also functional CC like cigarette automats, sculpting machines, echos harvestable fruits etc., so you can actually branch out your community lot/business choices...

Another idea are 'make believe' community lots as I would call them, who look like a certain type of business despite not being one - I already mentioned the shoe store, and a gas station is another good example, you don't need gas for Sim cars, but a lot looking like a gas station with a small shop looks nice in the neighborhood...

Furthermore, you have to ask yourself, if your neighborhood will just be an assemblage of lots for the sole purpose of allowing your Sims to do all kinds of stuff, or if there is some kind of structure in architecture and placement - many creators have uploaded entire neighborhoods that look wonderful... I fail this goal in my BamC challenge repeatedly...

Okay, enough rambling, for my BaCC Challenge I compiled myself a list of lots - make believe and normal without CC - that I thought about including. Perhaps there is something useful for you too..
Ideas for Sims 2 Neighborhood (Businesses No CC, non-conclusive!):

Ressources (Business optional)

- Farming (Planting)
- Green House (Planting)
- Fishing (& Water Reservoir) (Fishing)
- Mining (Digging)
- Sawmill (Basic = Small Restaurant/Bar/Coffee/Shop and/or Electronic Counter) +(Planting/Axethrowing/WaterTreeing + Toy bench)
- Junkyard (Digging)

Energy & Industrial production (Business optional)

- Iron Melting Furnace (Basic*)
- Glass Melting Furnace (Basic*)
- Power Plant (Solar Panels & Wind Mills (res /apart only))
- Robot Factory (Robot Station)
- Pottery Factory (Pottery Station)
- Textile Factory (Sewing machine)
- Toy Factory (Toy Station)
- Science Laboratories (Planting + Fruit Station + Robot Station)
Basic Institutions Security
- Military Base (Basic*)
- Secret Service (Basic*)
- Police Station (Basic*)
- Fire Brigade (Basic*)
- Court (Basic*)
- Prison (Basic*)
Basic Institutions Building
- Planning department (Basic* + Painting)
- Construction Site (Basic*)
Basic Institutions Transport
- Road Works Office (Basic*)
- Taxi Stop (Basic*)
- Bus Stop (Basic*)
- Train Station (All-in-All = everything within reasonable limits)
- Subway (All-in-All**)
- Harbor (All-in-All**)
- Airport (All-in-All**)
Basic Institutions Community
- City Hall & Administration (Basic*)
- Public Elementary School (Basic* + playground items)
- Public High School (Basic* + playground items)
- Hospital (Basic*)
- Orphanage (Basic* + playground items)
- Veterinarian (Basic* + Pet Shop)
- Post Office (Basic* + Magazines)
- House of Prayer (Basic*)
- Cemetery (Basic* + Digging)
Additional Building s Community
- Aquarium (Basic*)
- Bank (Basic*)
- Public Library (Basic* + Book Sales)
- Playground (Sports) (Basic*)
- Kids Playground (Basic*)
- Park (Basic* + Fishing + Digging)
- Pet Park (Basic* + Pet Shop)
- Pound (Basic* + Pet Shop)
- (Petting) Zoo (Basic* + Pet Shop)
- Stadium/Arena (Basic*)
- Market (All-in-All)
- Parking (Basic* + Car Dealer + Car Repair)
- Observatory (Basic* + Star Gazing New planets (res only))
Basic Institutions Business
- Building Supplies Store (Basic* + sellable Building elements + Painting + Plants +
& Factory Farming)
- Architect’s office (Basic* + Painting)
- Gas Station (Basic* + Car Sales + Car Repair)
- Grocery Store (Groceries)
- Bakery (Baked Goods)
- Fish Shop (Fish + Fishing)
- Fruit Dealer (Fruits & Farming )
- Furniture Store (Beds, Dishes & Seats)
- Plumbing Store (Plumbing Sales)
- Kitchen Utensils Store (Cooking utensils + Counters)
- Lighting Store (Lights)
- Electronic Store (Robot Station + Electronic s Sales)
- Toy & Kids Store (Toy Station + Toys)
- Baby Shop (Baby Accessories + Toys)
- Car Dealership (Car Sales + Car Repair)
- Clothing Store (Clothing Racks + Sewing Station)
- Newspaper Stand (Magazines + Book Sales)
Basic Institutions Culture
- Museum (Basic*)
- Cinema (Basic* + TV Screens)
- Dance hall (Basic* + Music instruments)
- Music Hall (Basic* + Music Instruments + Rapping)
- Theatre (Basic* + Microphone)
- Opera (Basic* + Music Instruments)
- Public Art Gallery (Basic* + Painting & Pottery)
- Radio Station (Basic*)
- TV Station (Basic*)
Additional Institutions Business
- Doctor (Makeover Station + Planting + Fruit machine +
Massage Bar)
- Optician (Makeover Station)
- Exterminator (Planting + Ant Farm Sales + Ladybeetle Houses Sales)
- Private Elementary school (Basic*)
- Private High School (Basic*)
- Private Laboratories (Planting + Fruit Station + Robot Station)
- Community College (Basic*)
- Archeological site (Basic* + Digging)
Dress & Styling
- Barber Shop (Makeover Station)
- Jewelry Shop (Jewelry Rack)
- Parfume Shop (Parfume Rack)
- Boutique (Clothing, Jewelry & Parfume Rack)
- Aquarium store (Aquarium Sales)
- Antiquity Store (Antique-looking Items)
- Crafts Store (Decorative Items, Sculptures)
- Candle Store (Candles lighting & decorative items)
- Private Gallery (Painting + Pottery)
- Flower Store (Flower Station + Plants)
- Garden centre (Planting, Gardening Utensils and items)
- Book Store (Book sales + Magazines)
- Art Shop (Easels & Art Utensils)
- Cake Shop (Cakes + Baked Goods)
- Music Shop (Music Instruments)
- Game Shop (Video Games)
- Computer Store (Computer)
- TV Shop (TV’s)
- Model Railway shop (Model Railways)
- Car Repair Shop (Car repair + dealer + car items)
- Sport Shop (Clothing and sport and training items)
- Surf Shop (Surfboards)
- Pet Store (Pet Shop + Pet Accessoires)
- Supermarket (Groceries + Magazines+ Baked Goods )
- Shopping Mall (All-in-All**)
- Occult Shop (Witch/Warlock Crafting)
- (Internet) Café (Coffee + Computers)
- Restaurant (Restaurant)
- Chinese Restaurant (Restaurant)
- Bistro (Restaurant)
- Diner (Restaurant)
- Fast Food (Restaurant)
- Grill (Restaurant)
- Pizza (Restaurant)
- Sushi Bar (Restaurant)
- (Karaoke) Bar (Bar + Karaoke)
- (Irish) Pub (Bar)
- Sport Bar (Bar + sport themed items)
- Chinese Tea House (Basic* + Teaservice)
- Arcade (Basic*)
- Bowling Alley (Basic*)
- Pool Hall (Basic*)
- Weapons Range (Basic* + Axe + Dart games)
- Chess Club (Basic* + Chess Games)
- Mahjong Club (Basic*+ Mahjong Tables)
- Casino (Basic*)
- (Night)Club (Basic*)
- Disco (Basic*)
- Concert Stage (Basic*)
- Opium Den (Basic* + Bubble Blower)
- Beach (Basic* + Sea Shells + Digging)
- Ballet School (Basic*)
- Gym (Basic*)
- Spa (Basic*)
- Sauna (Basic*)
- Massage Parlour (basic* + Massage)
- Pool (Basic*)
- Roller Rink (Basic*)
- Ice Skating Rink (Basic*)
- Basketball Ground (Basic*)
- Soccer field (Basic*)
- Baseball field (Basic*)
- Boxing Ring (Basic*)
Career Reward items:
- Chocolate Factory Cooking Career Reward
- Science Laboratory Science Career Reward
- Court Hall/Public Hall/TV Studio Law Career Reward
- Arcade Gamer Career Reward
- Photo Studio Artist Career Reward
- Garden Centre Slacker Career Reward
- Music Stage Music Career Reward
- Secret Service Intelligence Career Reward
- Art Shop/Architect’s office Architecture Career Reward
/Planning department
Other (useable):
- Ballet School Dance Career Reward (+Basic*)
- Minigolf Business Career Reward (+ Basic*)
- Court Hall/Public Hall/TV Studio Politics Career Reward (+Basic*)
- Military Base Military Career Reward (+Basic*)
- Boxing School Athletic Career Reward(+Basic*)
- Hospital Medical Career Reward (+Basic*)
Aspiration Reward objects:
- Farming Money Tree
- Bank Counterfeiting Machine
- Farming Garden Club Wishing Well
- Computers (multipurpose) Residential: Write Novel / Community: (2+
Computers) Gaming Tournament Money Win
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Re: What sort of community lots do you use?

Postby modelmgt » September 5th, 2018, 4:31 pm

When setting up a new neighborhood, I like one of the lots to be either a full-on mall or just a strip mall , depending on the level of urge you have to build. That way there's one stop, one loading-screen and multiple options such as for clothing, electronics, food, barber, pets, toys etc.
The stores can be whatever you want/need them to be.
I found out a long time ago, however that my system will not really tolerate a 2-story mall, as the game crashes trying to load it.
Parks are also nice to have as a basic starter-hood lot just because they're easy builds and sims can just congregate there.
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