Testers wanted: Adult clerks/cashiers

Testers wanted: Adult clerks/cashiers

Postby Radiochocolate » August 22nd, 2018, 7:49 am

I could've sworn there was a mod like this already but when I couldn't find it anywhere, I decided to create it myself.

With this mod, when you visit unowned community lots with cash registers on them, the cashier that is spawned will be an adult instead of a teenager. This will only work for new clerks: your existing ones should stay unaffected.
When taking out the mod the game will go back to spawning teen cashiers (if there is a need for more cashiers), with your adult ones maintaining their clerk status.
The adults spawned will wear their individual everyday outfits instead of a specific NPC outfit (I haven't gotten around to that part yet, any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated).

I'd like for other simmers to try this out in a setting where new register clerks are spawned. This means plopping the file down in your Downloads folder, then having a sim visit an unowned community lot with more cash registers than your number of existing clerks (typically three clerks are generated when you use default Maxis townies).
I suggest you try this out in a hood specifically made for testing stuff instead of your story neighborhoods, just in case. For thorough testing, I suggest creating a community lot with 10 or more registers on it. Then when your sim(s) visits it, note down how many of each gender were spawned. In my testing there has been a slight surplus of males to begin with, but after using cheats to make them playable the game has created an equal amount of males and females.

Back up your neighborhood folder(s) before trying this. I do not take responsibility for any ugly sims, errors, hood corruption, loss of hair or other unwanted events that happen when you use this mod.
The BHAV used is from the Apartment Life objects.package, so it may require AL to function. The teen clerk came with the Base Game, but I figured if I used that one it might not be compatible with newer EPs.
This is probably not compatible with Squinge's Teen/Adult/YA Nanny and Cyjon's Female Maids (which were used as models for this mod) or any other mod that uses the BHAV "NPC - Get Template Age/Gender/Color in T[0,1,2]".

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