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Twitch Streams

Postby MeadowThayerr » February 2nd, 2019, 4:12 pm

I've noticed lately that a lot of simmers have been playing the sims on Twitch instead of writing stories, so I thought it would be cool to have a thread where we can share our Twitch streams here on BoolProp so that we can support each other on Twitch, and sort of have a master list of all the amazing members on BoolProp's Twitch streams!

Mine is

I primarily stream Sims!
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Re: Twitch Streams

Postby Ani-Mei » February 2nd, 2019, 4:25 pm

I'll just leave a comment here saying I don't stream but I do have a Twitch name and channel. I don't have the set up or space to stream anything but when I do eventually move out and find my own place I hope to have the space to do it.
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Re: Twitch Streams

Postby Jenn » February 6th, 2019, 6:46 am

I do have a Twitch, but since I'm not a paid, my stuff is usually only there for about 30 days.

You can find it here, but I don't have anything currently to view.

I only stream PS4 (sims is PC), so it will be all Non-sims.
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