The Really Big Fansite List for TS2

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The Really Big Fansite List for TS2

Postby Teresa » July 7th, 2014, 10:20 am

If there are any fan-sites missing, please post them in the fan-site forum and we will look into adding them to this list.
If there are any broken links, please report this post and specify which link is broken.

15 Sim Lane Houses & House Requests, run by Munks and notcrazyjustspecial (Sims 2)

A+S=Error Clothes, genetics, makeup, meshes (Sims 2+3)
All About Style Brilliant themed clothing, including Victorian, career themes and a great maternity range. (Sims 2+3)
AnnaMariaSims2 Adult and Teen female clothes, some donation. (Sims 2)
Ano2uk Giant list of clutter/decorative objects. (Sims 2)
Around The Sims2 Mostly great furniture and decor. Some fashion items. Some donation. (Sims 1+2)
Aussie Topenders Lots of build and buy mode objects with some clothing thrown in! (Sims 2)

Bines Sims Review Some of Everything! ** German and English** (Finds site with downloads) (Sims 1+2+Some 3)

CatLily's Sims A little of everything! (Sims 1+2)

DincerHelpulger Gorgeous objects, historical content (Sims 1+2)
Default Database An index of default replacements for bodyshop/CAS content (Sims 2)

Echo's Sim Stuff The guy who brought us rugs (before OfB) has lots more goodies for us here!! Particularly for kids. (Sims 2)
Edenstyle Clothes, genetics, accessories, makeup, objects, walls & floors (Sims 2+3)

Fairy Forest Castles, Cathedrals and Tudor Fashion (Sims 2)
Fashion Twist Clothes (Sims 2+3)
Fresh Prince Creations Objects, especially cars (Sims 2+3)

Garden of Shadows A wide variety, emphasis on alternative culture (Sims 2+3)
girl.ana-chronism Clothes, hair, accessories (Sims 2)
Genensims Great skins (including furry ones!) and lots of other goodies (Sims 2)

Happy Honey Hunt Fashion, Accessories, Cosmetics, Hair **English and Japanese** (Sims 2)
Holy Simoly More great stuff for your sims' homes, some donation (Sims 2+3)


Just Sims 2 Fabulous Fashions and other stuff too. (Sims 2)


Leia Style Fashion. For now, you have to get what you can at MTS2! (Sims 2+3)
LoveLove Bittymitten Clothes (Sims 2)
Lyran Cosmetics, Genetics, Hair (Sims 2)

Mango Sims Objects **Site in French and English** (Sims 2+3)
Meshkiste Meshes **Site in . . . German?** (Sims 2)
Milkshake! Clothes (Sims 2)
Mirake Artist at TSR with great free objects (Requires registration) (Sims 2)
More Awesome Than You Hacks/fixes for your game from Pescado. Very Useful! (Sims 2+3)

Nostalgic Sims Sale The old stuff from (Sims 2)


Parsimonious Clothes, clothes and more clothes!! Many beautiful objects (Sims 1+2+3)
Peachy Productions Fashion, genetics (Sims 2)
Peggy Zone Fashion, Hair, Object, Accessories (Pay Site with a lot of freebies), formally known as Peggy Sims 2 (Requires registration) (Sims 2+3)
Plum Bob Women's fashion and makeup (Sims 2)
Poisoned Tears - Find her stuff on Here on MTS2 or at Universal Sims (Sims 2+3)
Primadonna Clothes (Sims 2)
PronupSims Wedding things for your sims, including recoloured cakes and Krug champagne! **Site in French and English** (Sims 2)

Raonjena Has a little bit of everything, but mostly really nice hair. (Paysite with freebies) (Requires registration) (Sims 2+3)
ReflexSims Objects with a couple of special items. (Sims 2+3)
Retail Sims **Reopened**, all manner of objects for all manner of retail establishments, other objects too (Sims 2)
Rose Sims Great Hair, Magic/ Fantasy props, donation section. (Sims 2+3)

Scratch Dot Sims Adult clothing, makeup, accessories (Sims 2+3)
Seriously Amused Sims Lots, objects, walls, and floors (Sims 2)
SIMcredible Designs Objects, clothes, genetics, makeup, walls, and floors (Sims 1+2+3)
SimGedohns Furniture, Walls & Floors **Site in German or English** (Sims 1+2)
Simply Styling Fashion, Accessories, Cosmetics, Walls (Sims 2+3)
Simthing for Everyone Craftsman and many other style of walls and flooring, furniture, deco, rugs, a LOT on offer here (Sims 2)
Sky Sims2 Fantasy/ Anime- hair, clothing, accessories **Site in English and Spanish** (Sims 2+3)
SmDesigns Clothes and some fantastic jewellry (Sims 2)
Snooty Sims Cheats, hacks, Info Central **News site** (Sims 2+3)
SparklySIMSations Downloadable neighbourhoods and other items. (Sims 2)
Star Sims A great site - easy to find what you're looking for too. Fashion, skintones, genetics (Sims 2)
MST2 SussiFiles Previously Sussi So Good Sims 2 (Sims 2)

Sims 2 Cri English or Italian versions (Sims 2)
Sims 2 Inlimite A little bit of everything (Sims 2)
Sims 2 Graveyard Work from a lot of dead sites, such as Squinge's mods. (Sims 2)
Sims 2 Sisters General **Now only available as part of The Sims Resource** All their creations from the previous site will be available free, but any new will be pay as part of TSR's usual subscription policy. (Sims 2+3)
Sim Chaotics Hacks and hacked objects (Sims 2)
Sim Cribbling Beautiful Hair, Skin tones, Eyes, Cosmetics **Site in English and Korean** (Sims 2)
Sim's Napule 2 Clothing, Objects, Celebrity Sims **site is in English and Italian** (Sims 2+3)
Sim Gedahns Modern furniture (Sims 2)
Sim Slice Fun and unique objects for the Sims (Sims 1+2+3)
Sims Network A LOT to choose from here **Site in English and Dutch** (Sims 2+3)

The Clothing Bin Clothes (Sims 2)
The Color in Chaos Hair, make-up, walls (Sims 2)
The Sims Resource This is a subscription site, but has a weekly rotation of 5000 free items (on a Thursday apparently!) Well worth a visit. Requires registration. Clari's note: This site has had issues with privacy and hacking concerns. Be careful. (Sims 1+2+3)
Tschibi Sims Gorgeous clothes. Requires registration - part of TSR. (Sims 2)


Visage Sims Now a Featured Artist at TSR. (Sims 2)
Vita Sims Free and donation items. Lots of period costume (i.e. Victorian era...) (Sims 2)

Wicked Sims A little bit of everything. (Sims 2+3)
With Sim Love 2 Lots of everything!! (Sims 2)

XM Sims Clothes, great hair and some other objects too. **Site in English and Chinese** (Sims 1+2+3)



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Re: The Really Big Fansite List for TS2

Postby Keika » August 24th, 2014, 9:57 am

Ooh, this is great. Thanks!
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Re: The Really Big Fansite List for TS2

Postby Mauricette » April 19th, 2015, 3:29 pm

Omigosh, awesome~ Totes bookmarking this list. Thanks for posting! :jack:
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