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Don't Miss These Events!

PostPosted: November 28th, 2015, 4:42 pm
by Chase
Hello, Boolprop! :plumbob:

I hope everyone is having a safe, joy-filled late November!

Here's a little reminder to participate in these events before they close!

Boolprop's 10th Birthday Events:
These events will close on December 8th! Make sure to pitch in (and grab those medals) before then!

Screenshot Event
  • Post a screenshot from your game of your Sims celebrating Boolprop's 10th Birthday!
  • You will receive this medal with your participation:Image
Arts & Crafts
  • Make a card, a cake, or a gift!
  • You will receive this medal with your participation:Image
Discussions: Ah, Memories & What Does Boolprop Mean to You?
  • Talk about Boolprop's past, present, and future!
  • Participation in these events will also earn you this medal: Image
Think Fast!
  • This topic will be opened at random times! Reply when you can!
  • Try to catch it when it's opened for this medal: Image


What are you thankful for?
  • Though this event is occurring at the time of American Thanksgiving, this event is of course open to everyone! :D
  • Share what you're thankful for as the Northern hemisphere enters Winter :)
  • You will receive a medal for your participation!

Other Events:
Check out these recurring events going on now!

Let's Build It! Round 17
  • Build a Winter Wonderland! Submissions close on January 3rd!
Boolprop Chef: Week 22
  • Boolprop Chef has returned! Bake ANYTHING you'd like for this version of Boolprop Chef! This round ends December 15th!

Coming up soon...
We have some exciting events coming up soon in the coming month, so watch out for more updates and events:

Winter/Holiday Events!
  • Celebrate the Holidays and Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere)! New events coming this December!
Featured Stories!
  • This event has been on and off for the last year, but in 2016 you will have the chance to have your story featured once again!
A very special event... :smirk:
  • We can't tell you now... but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about a very special event in coming weeks! This event will take place in January :bounce:

Thanks for being on Boolprop, everyone! Have a safe, happy, plumbobally wonderful start to your Winter (or Summer, if that's where you live)! We can't wait to share more events with you!

And keep an eye peeled out for more updates here!

Happy Simming! :plumbob:

Re: Don't Miss These Events!

PostPosted: December 6th, 2015, 9:12 pm
by Chase
:!: While the Thanksgiving event has now gone away, the Birthday events will be up for another couple of days :D Hurry and get those screenshots and other sentimental bits in!

Also, there will be another update about this, but make sure to check out the new Holiday events, as well! :D