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February Newsletter

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2016, 9:36 am
by singinghymns

General Announcements

Welcome to the second Newsletter for Boolprop! We will be coming out with this on the fifth of each month, for the purpose of highlighting what has gone on throughout the month. Rosanna will have a recap of the events that have taken place, what is taking place currently, and what events are coming up! Stories, Legacies, and Challenges will have some exciting news each month by Chase. Mia will give an account of our scoreboard on the games and I will be listing all the monthly birthdays and holidays!

And look for the polls each month! They will be fun!

January has been all about the Golden Plumbbobs Awards!

In last month's poll, we asked what the first version of Sims you played and the results show a lot of long term players in our group!
We have 85% of our voters who started with Sims 1 and 15% started with Sims 2! That is fantastic!

There have been requests to provide a donation option along with opening a Boolprop store. We now offer a way to make a donation through PayPal – the Donate link is in the top right menu. We are also working on setting up a Boolprop store on CafePress. You can find many items available there now, using the link in the top menu bar. There is a medal available for supporting Boolprop. If you make a donation or purchase from the store, please PM Teresa with the information. Once the donation or order has been confirmed, you will get a medal.

And as always, please keep promoting Boolprop and thanks for being a wonderful community.

Re: February Newsletter

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2016, 9:37 am
by Rosanna

Hey all, thanks for reading! Here's just a quick recap of what events have happened, are happening, and will happen! #happenin

Just Ended:

  • BoolProp Chef Cheese round has ended, and so has Let's Build It's nursery round. Vote in the Let's Build it Poll!
  • Wave Your Flag is still going on, if you want to get a snazzy flag medal!
  • Golden Plumbobs voting has just ended. Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted, and congrats to the winners!


Re: February Newsletter

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2016, 9:37 am
by Thaitanic
Games Scoreboard
And now the real, hard-hitting questions. How are we doing in the Fun Stuff board, and more importantly, the Big Few threads? :hmm:

* Geez,V3 of Up or Down has been going for a time, hasn't it? In the last month the uppers hit an impressive 505 high, the last post as of this reporting being long-time Upper Pony's 505 post, combating the downing tendency of ZaleISBI... The fight goes on, however, and while the ball is in the uppers' court the downers have pulled off bigger stunts before...
* 10,000 posts without any kind of lock is steaming ahead as much as it can. We're on 2620 as of this posting, again held by Games section veteran Pony. That's 231 posts since the January update, and roughly accounts to 5.4 posts per day. Pretty good, guys, but I think we need to hit 3000 by next month - and by think, I mean strictly encourage. I've got money on it :sly:
* Seen anything weird around the forum? You can be pretty certain that's from Duck, Duck Goose. We've had a total of 8 dares since our last post, and a special mention to Bouncer, who seems to have liked her goosed baby llama avatar so much she's kept it well past the time she was dared to keep it. I agree, Bouncer. It's adorable. :#1: As well as to Mauricette, who through Duck Duck Goose machinations has become a Coyote Wrangler. Do they offer degrees in that, Mauricette? If so, I need to know where I can start pursuing the degree for my future career B)

Anything else you're after updates on in the Games section? Shoot us a PM... :plumbob: :plumbob: :plumbob:

Re: February Newsletter

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2016, 10:03 am
by singinghymns

February Birthdays:

February 2nd:

February 3rd:

February 5th:

February 9th:

February 10th:

February 11th:

February 15th:

February 17th:
Amani Ceberlandon

February 18th:

February 19th:

February 20th:

February 21st:

February Holidays

February 2nd:
Groundhog Day

February 3rd:
National Signing Day

February 4th:
World Cancer Day

February 5th:
National Wear Red

February 7th:
Super Bowl

February 8th:
Chinese New Year

February 9th:
Mardi Gras
Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)

February 10th:
Ash Wednesday

February 13th:
World Radio Day

February 14th:
Valentine's Day
International Condom Day

February 15th:
President's Day
Grammy Awards

February 21st:
International Mother Language

February 22nd:
National Margarita Day

February 28th:
Academy Awards