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September Newsletter

PostPosted: August 28th, 2016, 7:50 pm
by singinghymns

General Announcements

Welcome to the Newsletter for Boolprop! We will be coming out with this on the fifth of each month, for the purpose of highlighting what has gone on throughout the month. Rosanna will have a recap of the events that have taken place, what is taking place currently, and what events are coming up! Thai will give an account of our scoreboard on the games and I will be listing all the monthly birthdays and holidays! Newly added is the House Stats brought to you by Abby!

There a ton of changes coming to the newsletter so keep an eye out!

And look for the polls each month! They will be fun!

Time for some relief from the heat, please! September is here! This month brings football games, school, crickets (here in Texas I know) and cooler weather!

In the last poll, we asked "Who starts school this month and are you looking forward to it?" Over 71% of our Simming Community are not in school and seems to be happy about that! We have about 14% who are going to school and are excited about it! So happy! No one is thinking about going to school, and 5% in each category of going, but ugh, and one student who is neutral and we have some teachers!!! Want to give a shoutout to all the TEACHERS, especially those who are starting their career this year! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!!



There have been requests to provide a donation option along with opening a Boolprop store. We now offer a way to make a donation through PayPal – the Donate link is in the top right menu. We are also working on setting up a Boolprop store on CafePress. You can find many items available there now, using the link in the top menu bar. There is a medal available for supporting Boolprop. If you make a donation or purchase from the store, please PM Teresa with the information. Once the donation or order has been confirmed, you will get a medal.

And as always, please keep promoting Boolprop and thanks for being a wonderful community.

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PostPosted: August 28th, 2016, 7:51 pm
by Rosanna

Hey all, thanks for reading!

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PostPosted: August 28th, 2016, 7:52 pm
by singinghymns

September Birthdays:

September 1st:

September 2nd:

September 3rd:

September 7th:

September 8th:

September 9th:

September 10th:

September 12th:

September 14th:

September 22nd:

September 23rd:

September 24th:

September 25th:

September 26th:

September 27th:

September 30th:


September Holidays

I have tried to keep the holidays section lighthearted and fun, but our community represents people from all over the world, and I know that there are holidays that are special that don't get included. So feel free to leave a comment below, telling us about a holiday that is coming up for you and how you are going to observe that holiday.

Coming up on September 5th, we celebrate Labor Day, a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

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PostPosted: August 28th, 2016, 7:52 pm
by Heather


Here are the boolprop house scores for the second month of this quarter. You've still got one month left to rack up some points, and possibly steal the lead! ;)





375 points


  • FORUM EVENTS - Taking part in forum events earns your house 30 points per round. After tallying up the points for each house, this was the thing that made a HUGE difference in scores! So, what are you waiting for - go take part in lets build it, or boolprop chef! Remember, BNTM also counts for points now, 30 points per round!
  • POSTING CHALLENGES - You can currently earn points for reaching generation 5 in a posted challenge, and completing a challenge.
  • MEDALS - You earn 30 points for earning a medal. This is an additional 30 points from any other achievements - e.g 30 points for completing a challenge, 30 points for earning a medal.
  • POST COUNT - Keep an eye on your post count! Reaching certain milestones also earns you 30 points!

Please be sure to post in your team's scoreboard whenever you earn points, or they will not be counted in the final score!
Good luck in the final month of this quarter! :#1:

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PostPosted: August 28th, 2016, 7:53 pm
by Abby

Each month 3 random sim stories are picked at random to be featured across the board - and earn a shiny medal. We believe everyone's stories here at Boolprop deserve recognition regardless of how long you've been here, how many comments you have on your stories etc. So, make sure you check out the following stories - and offer your congratulations.

The Moonwisp Chronicles
Written by voguishstorm, a TS3 Alphabet Legacy!

The Gregory Legacy
Written by Taube, a TS4 regular legacy!

ISBI - Surrounded By Ugly Idiots
Written by itsjulie, a TS3 ISBI challenge.

Well done to you three! And remember, all you need to do to have a chance of being featured next month is simply update your story in the month of September!
Good luck guys! <3

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PostPosted: August 28th, 2016, 7:53 pm
by Heather
In August we asked members to submit a story for a chance to be featured in this newsletter. After voting, you all decided that these 3 stories deserved to be featured! Congratulations to each of the users selected! Included with the submissions are a short interview with each author.

"I told you it was dangerous."

Bellatrix turned the faucet on. The small girl perched on the counter top beside her looked up from the hand she was cradling, and scowled. "I was just trying to help. I wanted to do something fun. Mom never lets me have any fun."

"She's just trying to keep you safe," Bellatrix said as she took her sister's hand, and moved it under the running water. "Hold it here for ten minutes, okay?"

"But it's cold." The girl withdrew her hand from the water, wrapping the other around her burnt finger. "You didn't tell me it was gonna be cold," she whined.

Bellatrix sighed. "Belinda, if you don't keep your hand there the burn isn't going to heal."

"Yes it will. You can heal it with magic." Her sister gave her an insistent look.

"I think we've played with enough magic today," Bellatrix replied, though her fingers moved to the waistband of her jeans as she spoke, feeling for the wand she'd concealed there. It would be so simple to cure the burn with a spell, but she withdrew her hand; it was too mush of a risk. Bellatrix couldn't be sure how the remnants of the potion would react to the spell.

"You're just being mean." Belinda crossed her arms over her chest, and pouted. "This is all your fault, you know."

Bellatrix arched an eyebrow. "My fault? I told you to stay away from my cauldron. You should have listened."

Unsatisfied, Belinda tried again. "Well, I'm gonna tell mom and dad when they get home from work. They'll be so mad. I bet they're gonna take away all of your magic stuff." The corner of her lips curled upwards into a smirk.

Bellatrix shrugged. She leaned forward, and turned the tap off. "I told you it was dangerous."

"I told you it was dangerous." Magnus draped an arm around her waist, running his thumb against her side in a slow, soothing, circular motion. Bellatrix leaned into him; head against his shoulder, hands clenched tightly around the top of the crib. "We all did," he continued, his voice quiet.

"I didn't think the potion would hurt him." Bellatrix's head slumped forward. "I thought... I thought maybe it'd help-" she sniffled "-with the pregnancy."

"He's still perfectly healthy, love." Magnus' gaze drifted from his wife over to the form of his sleeping son.

"He's mute, Magnus." Bellatrix released her grip on the crib, then pushed her husband's arm away. "That's not... that's not normal." She began to pace the small nursery.

"Don't say that." Magnus turned, his eyes tracking her movement from end of the room to the other. "Besides, love, we can't really know for sure until he's-"

"Would you keep it down in here?" The bedroom door burst open, and hit the wall with a thud. Belinda stormed in, wearing a pair of pyjamas, and a scowl that seemed to be directed at her older sister. "The house isn't all yours just because you're the heiress; other people still live here."

Bellatrix stopped pacing. "Please don't slam the door, Belinda." She cast a concerned glance over her shoulder, twisting the neckline of her blouse around her thumb as her son shifted inside the crib. "You're going to wake Comet."

Belinda studied Comet with disdain. "Does it matter? I mean, it's not like he can even cry, anyways."

Magnus frowned, arms folded over his chest. "The noise still upsets him."

Belinda continued as if he hadn't spoken. "I bet he wouldn't be like that if you hadn't taken that potion," she told Bellatrix. "I don't know why you wanted to so badly; it smelled awful... I told you it was dangerous."

"I told you it was dangerous." Bellatrix wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling them closer to her chest. "We've already had this conversation; I don't trust Tosha, you know that," she continued in a low tone. "She wants to hurt him, Magnus, I know she does."

"I just think we might've made a rash decision..." Magnus sat beside her on the edge of the bed, one hand massaging his temple. "What if we were to mix the potion ourselves, instead?" He turned to meet her eyes. "We don't necessarily have to involve Tosha-"

She shook her head, and he moved to brush back the loose strands of brown hair that fell in front of her face. "I've told you before; I could have killed him when I took that first potion." Her voice wavered. "I can't put his life at risk again. I can't do it."

"It really isn't up to us to decide, love. Comet's old enough to make his own decision; he's almost nineteen. What are we going to do if he wants to take things into his own hands?" He pressed a kiss to the side of her forehead. "We won't always be able to protect him," Magnus said in a soft voice.

Bellatrix buried her head in her knees, thinking back to how she'd spent her teenage years: levitating stuffed animals in her bedroom, taking joyrides on her broomstick in the dark, mixing potions in the garden shed... How careless she had been; combining whichever ingredients struck her fancy, and allowing her youngest siblings to watch when really, it was her job to watch them.

It'd only taken a burnt finger to put a swift end to that.

She had thought she was being extra careful when she'd taken that potion while with Comet; she had spent weeks deciphering the ancient spell book, had run her translations over with several high-ranked members of the arcane council, to ensure the right ingredients would be used, that the directions were in the right order, that the potion was mixed right. Her family had been given explicit warning that they were not to go anywhere near the old shed. Even Magnus had kept clear of her work space, despite the fact that he possessed the same magical abilities.

But of course, Belinda had never liked being told what to do.

Bellatrix sat up in a single, sudden movement, eyes wide. Magnus regarded her with a concerned expression. "Bellatrix?"

"I told her it was dangerous."

Q: How did you find out about Boolprop, and what encouraged you to join?
Heather wrote:I think I heard about it from an online friend, and decided to join in order to post my alphabetacy updates there. That alphabetacy died, and became a legacy, but I am still here posting updates for it today! (And entering all the competitions, and collecting all the medals, etc... ;))

Q: Give us a look into your decision-making process! What made you choose this particular piece?
Heather wrote:At the time this was going on I was still trying (and failing) to motivate myself to finish another legacy chapter, so writing new material was out of the question. I have quite a few short pieces I did about my legacy characters for some writing classes, so I picked my favourite piece from those 6-7 stories. This one in particular also didn't borrow any writing from my actual legacy chapters, and it made the most sense to post something that is entirely new.

Q: How long have you been writing for? What's your favourite genre/subject to write about?
Heather wrote:I would say I became interested in writing short fiction around middle school age (2007-2008). I first started writing sims stories in 2009, when I published my old alphabetacy to The Sims 2 Exchange. I'm still writing about that family, because honestly, they are my favourite thing to write about. I took 2 creative writing classes as part of my university courseload, and both times I wrote about the Hollinters whenever short fiction was called for. They are my muse.

Outside of my legacy sims, I'm interested in writing about anything vaguely paranormal. I think that came from reading pretty much all of the Bailey School Kids books when I was little.

Q: Writer's block can be a difficult obstacle to overcome; what's your go-to source for inspiration?
Heather wrote:I find staring blankly out the window of a moving vehicle really helps inspire me. Not sure why, but I'm not going to question it. Also, being awake horrendously late (early?) tends to be when I have the best ideas for dialogue, which of course, I promptly forget by the time I wake up.

Bella Noir

My name is John. John Burb, former detective of SimCity's 1st Precinct, fed up with the raw brutality of city life. My wife, Jennifer, has family in one of the city's suburbs, Pleasantview. Her brother, Daniel, suggested we move to their hometown. What a good idea, I thought. A nice quiet place for my daughter to grow up. A sleepy little haven Jennifer and I can live out the rest of our days happily. But that's not what I was in for.

Word gets around fast in a small town like Pleasantview. The day we moved in I was visited by a meek young woman. She knew who I was, that I used to be a cop, and she wanted my help. Young Cassandra Goth wasn't much to look at. Maybe if she cleaned up her face, took down those childish pigtails and tried on a dress that wasn't made in the 1800s she might amount to something.
But the little thing was obviously upset. She said her mother had gone missing and that everyone was acting suspiciously. Her father, Mortimer Goth, refused to acknowledged the situation in the slightest, the police weren't answering any of her questions. She was supposed to be getting married soon, Ms. Goth said. She was adamant that her mother wouldn't vanish before the wedding of her own free will.
I tried to tell her I wasn't in the police force anymore. I tried to tell her I couldn't do anything even if I was a cop. That I wasn't even here when her mother went missing. But Ms. Goth said that's exactly why I was the only person she trusted. I had no inherent bias.
She then laid down a manila envelope full of cash. Five-kay just for listening to her story, she said. More to come if I'd look into her mother's disappearance. I leaned back and ran my hands through my hair. I didn't want to get back into this business. Best case scenario her mother did abandon her. Worst case she was laying in a gutter somewhere. No good outcome either way.
But that money could go a long way into securing that sleepy little haven for my family I was talking about. Jennifer and I didn't have much in the way of funds before the move to begin with. And we'd both been looking for work since we got here. Yeah, alright. I'd take the job.

I thought I'd ask Jennifer's family about the Goth woman first. Jennifer's brother, Daniel was an assistant coach, claimed he didn't know the woman or anything about her disappearance. But his wife, Mary-Sue, she worked at City Hall. She said she had to deal with the Goth girl, Cassandra, after her mother went missing.
“You didn't see her when she came into the office,” she said, gulping down a martini like it was going out of style, “she was crazy. Outraged that no one seemed to be taking this seriously. I told her- I had to tell her, her mothers marriage to Mortimer Goth wasn't a happy one. Psh, whose is?” Mary-Sue gave a hateful glance at her husband.
“Everyone in the police department just assumed she had finally abandoned her marriage. Her family. But Cassandra could not- would not accept this. I was sorry I had to be the one to tell her. But I didn't tell her that Bella was seen at Cassandra's fiance's house the night she disappeared.”
“How did you come by this?” I asked.
“There were witnesses, the Caliente sisters. They just moved into the place next door to Don Lothario.”
“Why didn't you report this to the Goth family?”
“I mean, that's rough, right?” Mary-Sue shook her head, “Bella had a lot more going for her than Cassandra and Don's a young, virile man who found her attractive. Why hurt the girl more than I have to?” I nodded. Aside from Mary-Sues parents it didn't seem like anyone had a happy marriage in this town. It made me appreciate my Jennifer. I was starting to understand why she moved to the city.

The next step was to confirm the witnesses statements. Which landed me on the sisters patio, with them in bikinis, taking in the sun. Now these young ladies knew how to accentuate their assets, if you know what I mean.
“We just got to town, we didn't know anything about this place,” Dina started.
“We'd met Don a couple times before. He's totally cute. We'd seen him with Cassandra, too,” Nina said, “but we didn't know the Goth lady was the mother.”
“She takes amazing care of herself. I couldn't believe she was that girl's mother.” said Dina.
“Right, not Don's mother, Cassandra's mother,” Nina interrupted, “that would be disgusting.”
I gave her a questioning look.
“He tried to make out with her,” Dina explained.
“Did he?” I said. Dina nodded like it was the big gossip topic of the week. Heck, for all I knew it could have been.
“But now that she's gone her husband is totally up for grabs right?” Dina said. Nina and I both frowned at her question.
“Hey, if he's single it's fair game. It's not like I'm making a move on him while he's still married,” Dina said innocently.
“Aren't you though? Bella Goth is still just missing.” Nina argued.
“You think she's coming back?” Dina asked.
“That depends. How did she react to Mr. Lothario's advance?” I asked.
“Poorly, she turned him away,” Dina laughed. Nina glowered at her sister. This information would certainly color Cassandra's views of her fiance. Now I understood why the police were reluctant to reveal this information to the family. And I found myself reluctant to tell Cassandra, too. But the fact of the matter was I still didn't know what happened to Bella Goth. It was about time I saw what was so special about Don Lothario.

“You the cops?!”
“No, not anymore.”
“Then I ain't got to tell you nuthen'.”
Needless to say Mr. Lothario wasn't very forthcoming when it came to the situation regarding his fiance's mother. Having been turned away at the door I took a moment to survey the neighborhood. At the end of the street a man feigned like he was grooming his yard. Maybe just a rubberneck, maybe something more. I walked over, introduced myself as his new neighbor and shook the mans hand. He introduced himself as Mr. Dreamer. I jutted my thumb at Mr. Lothario's place, “Not very friendly, huh?”
“Not to those of the male persuasion,” Mr. Dreamer shook his head.
“Bit of a slut?” I blurted. Mr. Dreamer blinked at me.
“Sorry,” I said, “city mouth, I'm sure I'll grow out of it.” Mr. Dreamer nodded his understanding. Bit of a prude, I thought.
“Yeah, used to be a cop, right?” Mr. Dreamer said, mechanically raking the same spot of grass for the last three minutes.
“Yessir, looking into the disappearance of the Goth woman. Not on the city payroll yet, but gotta keep those skills finely honed, you know what I mean?” I grinned. Mr. Dreamer frowned at me. He stopped raking, turned away and went into his house; leaving me rather confused on the sidewalk.

“He lost his wife not too long ago. The cops didn't take a good look into it. They didn't take a good look into the Broke murder either,” Coral Oldie said, looking out the window at her roses. It was a gray morning. Rain sounded a soft rustle in the streets. Mrs. Oldie was Mary-Sues adoptive mother, as gray as the morning with tired eyes and a warm smile.
“Cops don't seem to look into much around here,” I muttered. Mrs. Oldie nodded.
“Anyways, a new cop in town, looking into the disappearance of Bella Goth instead of the murders of his wife and Mr. Broke,” she weighed, “he's thinking that because the Goths are silly rich they're getting preferential treatment.” Now I understood Mr. Dreamers behavior.
“I didn't know he'd lost his wife,” I said, “Ms. Goth came to me the day I moved in. I don't know anything about this town.”
“Then you made yourself look like more of an ass,” Mrs. Oldie sighed. I suppose I did at that.
“But Ms. Goth is paying me to look into her mothers disappearance. I'm not even a cop here. If I was maybe I could look into his wife's murder,” I said. I didn't like being accused of preferential treatment. But I also wasn't a cop anymore. Young Ms. Goth was a paying client. Mr. Dreamer wasn't. And even if he was Ms. Goth came to me first. If I was going to take on his case I'd have to make this clear. Shit, when did I become a private dick?
“They both have children, too, you know. Mr. Dreamer and Mrs. Broke,” Mrs. Oldie calmly sipped her tea, gazing at her rose bush, “only those kids know their parents aren't coming home.” I took a moment to assess Mrs. Oldie. She was poignant. Somehow I admired that about her.

After visiting the Oldies Jennifer and I took in a quick flick and fooled around, harking back to our earlier years. One flaw I readily admit to is public displays of affection, witnessing or preforming. Afterwards we caught a late lunch on Main Street.
When I was a detective in the city I didn't talk about my cases with her. Our marriage was still new, I didn't want her getting that close to that part of me. Like I said, those were some pretty dark days and, after a while, it just became routine not to talk about it.
However here, I felt I should talk with her. It was her hometown after all and she had an insight into these people that I didn't. She vaguely remembered Cassandra Goth as a weird little kid, but she knew the Goths were big fish in the community. She was sad to hear that Darlene Dreamer had passed recently, and that Brandi's husband Skip passed away, too. She remembered being close with Darlene and Brandi in school.
“And Mary-Sue was always ambitious. It's one of the qualities Daniel loved about her,” she said.
“He doesn't appreciate it anymore?” I asked. Jennifer lowered her head sadly.
“She's a strong woman. I guess he didn't realize how he'd feel about himself in comparison.”
“Heavy... you said the Goth girl was weird. What do you mean?”
“She was a dreamer. I don't mean like Darren Dreamer, I mean she lived in her head. She had a rich fantasy life. Sometimes those fantasies seeped out into the real world. She was an only child for a long time, and her parents didn't have much time for her, so it makes sense.” Jennifer trailed off. I got the impression something happened once. And whatever it was Jennifer wasn't really comfortable with Ms. Goth afterward.
Rich fantasy life, huh? That might warrant checking out young Ms. Cassandra Goth. I looked at my watch. “Almost time to pick up Lucy from her first day of school.”

Q: How did you find out about Boolprop, and what encouraged you to join?
Mauricette wrote:I've known abut the site since the age of the Exchange after reading EphemeralToast's OWBC. I finally found the courage to join when I wanted to start an alphabetacy and vicariously an owbc of my own.

Q: Give us a look into your decision-making process! What made you choose this particular piece?
Mauricette wrote:I'd been watching a lot of TCM and Strangetown just screams film noir. It has a seedy underbelly and so much dirty laundry. I haven't mastered narrating in the classic noir style, but it's damn fun anyway. I chose John Burb as my voice because he and his family, while tenuously connected t the people of Strangetown, are still new comers, and not void of scruples like the caliente sisters.

Q: How long have you been writing for? What's your favourite genre/subject to write about?
Mauricette wrote:I've been writing since middle school, about eighteen years, I think, but not seriously. And my genre of choice has always been fantasy for reading. I'd like to think I could write anything, but I haven't tried it all yet.

Q: Writer's block can be a difficult obstacle to overcome; what's your go-to source for inspiration?
Mauricette wrote:Well last year I would get the most brain-storming done while I was taking long walks to the river with my daughter, but I haven't done any walking this year on account of my neighbor has this bird house at the end of her drive, see, and a couple of starlings are nesting in it this year. As a matter of protecting their brood they take to swooping and diving at any passer-bys. I feel like I'm walking into a scene of The Birds every time I go out to check the mail. Nowadays I use Word Wars to push myself to write more.

every time I say a word...
Each time I try to fit in...
Every moment of every day, I,
I rediscover the truth...

This is not my home...
This is not my world...
This isn't where I belong...
So where?

Where will my voice be heard?
And words understood?
Where can I feel at ease, and
Where can I be happy?

This is not my home...
This is not my world...
This isn't where I belong...
So where?

But, there isn't enough time,
And no memories are left.
I wouldn't even realise I'm home,
Even if I was...

The truth is, I'm different...
'Cause I'm alien...

Q: How did you find out about Boolprop, and what encouraged you to join?
RavenAngel888 wrote:1) I actually can't remember what drew me to Boolprop, its been a while (I think I came over in the Migration but I can't find my previous profile •shrugs•) But, I'm pretty sure that it would have been because I was googling for an answer to a Sims question and found the site. I've been a Simmer since practically the beginning, and I've played everything from the original game up to TS4.

Q: Give us a look into your decision-making process! What made you choose this particular piece?
RavenAngel888 wrote:2) I chose this piece, because, it's something I wrote about in a very confusing time in my life (aren't the Teen years that for most people, sadly), and I was pretty sure that there were/are others out there who have felt the same way. Sometimes, knowing that you're not the only one, can help you through all the angst and drama and self-doubt. It's also the one piece that's stayed with me throughout the years. As I think I mentioned in my submission, a good friend (at the time) turned it into a song, which I have often sang to myself whenever I felt the way I did then.

Q: How long have you been writing for? What's your favourite genre/subject to write about?
RavenAngel888 wrote:3) I don't know whether I actually class myself as a writer, I'm more of a dabbler. I've written pieces for school, but never really anything worth noting. I think I've just had dumb luck with some of the stuff I did back then. I recently started to post a Legacy, but, that was more so I can win points for my House, than because I think I can write. I guess we'll see how that pans out :grin: :spin: If I do have a genre, I'd probably call it the-one-I'm-thinking-of-at-the-time, because I just go with what I'm feeling/stressing about/reading at the time. Right now, I'm big on suspense and thrillers, a la James Patterson, but, I've found myself leaning towards Comedy with the Legacy. I always was the Class Clown :grin: that being said, I did try NaNo one year, and the "novel" was paranormal/fantasy based. Think Vampires and Fairies and Elementals, oh my... I might submit something from that next month •shrugs• Who knows?!?

Q: Writer's block can be a difficult obstacle to overcome; what's your go-to source for inspiration?
RavenAngel888 wrote:4) Writer's block? Wow, as I've said, I really don't consider myself anything close to an "actual" writer. I'm very much a pantser. I go with what feels right at the time. When I tried NaNo (I say "tried" because I only got about 4K into it), any time I felt like I was lost for words, I'd turn to my favourite authors, like Christine Feehan, Gena Showalter, etc. Yeah, I'm a closet Romance junkie :grin: well, not so closeted now :grin: I also use my childhood daydreams to "fuel" my thoughts. I was an only child, so I spent more time in my head than I ever did with other people. Let's just say that the Anne Rice Vampire novels have played in more than one since I was a tween and Interview with a Vampire came out with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise (yeah, I'm THAT old!). Pitt was a good choice for Louis, I think, but, I never really liked Cruise for Lestat. I thought Queen of the Damned portrayed him a bit better.

And, now that I've completely gone off on a tangent, I think it might be time to stop before I embarrass myself :grin: It's 3:39 am here and I've only slept 3 hours, so probably not a very clear mind that I'm dealing with right now :grin: :spin: I once told a friend (Blamsart to be exact) that "The League of Legends has a Hollow Bottom" when I was replying to their story on WordPress (see my signature for the link to The Whitelight's •totally not plugging one of my favourite stories, nope, not me•) I think that was at 2 am or so, if I'm not mistaken :grin:

Oops, yet another tangent •SMH• Yeah, that happens... A lot! G'nyt y'all and Happy Simming #LiveLongAndProsper (yup, I'm a Trekkie hehehe)

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PostPosted: September 5th, 2016, 11:02 am
by Abby

SimNaWriMo 2016!
Sims National Writing Month

Hello all, and welcome to the first ever SimNaWriMo, a sim story writing event, closely based on the principles of the original NaNoWriMo!

First of all, a big thank you to MichelleCYoung for originally suggesting to us of a sim version of NaNoWriMo!

For those that don't know, NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write a story of 50,000 words in a month. Now, that would be very difficult to do with sims stories, so we have come up with our own version of an intense sim-story version writing month! In principle, this is an event where we aim to write and publish as many updates of a new, or current legacy/challenge/sims story within one month, to celebrate the art of writing, and simming all in one go!

Here's how it goes...

- Choose a story you are currently writing, or you can start a completely new one!
- You play, and update your story as much as you possibly can within the month of October.
- The story can be ANY form of story, e.g a legacy, a challenge, a fictional story, but it must be the SAME story all the way through to count towards your update tally.
- Updates must consist of at least 20 slides, OR 1000 words. This is to make it fair for those who tend to write more words per slides, ie. plotty stories.

The 'Levels' of the challenge, and the medals given are:
Image Bronze Award - 3 Updates In October
Image Silver Award - 7 Updates In October
Image Gold Award - 10+ Updates In October

You will also win house points for achieving any of the above achievements.
- 25 points for Bronze
- 50 points for Silver
- 75 points for Gold

When you have decided what story you want to enter with, please go over to our sign up's thread here and post what story you're using, so we can add it to the official list.

We also have two other threads:
SimNaWriMo Hints, Tips and Questions!
SimNaWriMo General Chat Thread

The event will run from 1st of October to the 31st of October - meaning you have a good few weeks to plan and get ahead of yourself! Good luck!! :D

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PostPosted: September 5th, 2016, 4:57 pm
by RavenAngel888
In South Africa the 24th of September is Heritage Day (or National Braai Day as it has also become known as, since braaing [barbecuing] is so entrenched in our country's heritage). Basically, we take that day to spend time with the family, and those of us who are super into our heritages, will generally take part in some kind of event in our area.

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PostPosted: September 6th, 2016, 11:25 pm
by Radiochocolate
The SUBMIT link to the Writing Contest goes to September's Submissions instead of a new thread.

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PostPosted: September 7th, 2016, 10:27 am
by singinghymns
Thanks for bringing that to my attention! It has been corrected!!!

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PostPosted: September 7th, 2016, 10:29 am
by singinghymns
RavenAngel888 wrote:In South Africa the 24th of September is Heritage Day (or National Braai Day as it has also become known as, since braaing [barbecuing] is so entrenched in our country's heritage). Basically, we take that day to spend time with the family, and those of us who are super into our heritages, will generally take part in some kind of event in our area.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It is exciting to learn of all of the different holidays for other countries! I hope your Heritage Day is the best one yet!