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Boolprop Story Clean-up: Renovations Part 2

PostPosted: October 20th, 2018, 1:52 pm
by Livvielove
Hello, again, Boolprop!
It is I, your friendly, neighborhood Livvielove here to create yet another inconvenience for the sake of cleaning! Now that we've completed the Boolprop Fall Renovation 2k18, it's time for us to take the last steps in reorganization: old story threads clean-up.

If you haven't already, I recommend getting familiar with our new-and-improved story board! If you have any questions on where threads are/should be, you can review the Renovation plan I put in the Boolprop Renovation thread, or PM me.

One thing I would like to note that won't be as obvious as the rest is: if you start a thread with the intents of sharing a Boolprop challenge with: EPIC, Monster Mash, Officially Wacky [OWBC], Baby Boom, or DyNasty of Darkness (currently), you should put that in the Boolprop Challenge Stories board no matter which game you choose to play it with. There's no need to segregate those by game category as Boolprop will usually be working towards the same goals. Likewise, any future Boolprop Challenges will be hosted there and their rules will be stored in the Boolprop Challenge Rule Section. Which is also new!

Alright, so that aside, let's get into the nitty gritty:

Story Board Clean-Up

I know this concept spooks a lot of people, so please make sure you read everything before worrying! Boolprop now has a very condensed section of stories which might feel a little full and crowded right now. While most story sections have around 5 pages or so of stories, a lot of them are very, very old. So coming up on this next Saturday, October 27th stories whose last commented/posted-in dates are older than TWO YEARS will be moved to the graveyard section unless there is the word "Hiatus" in the TITLE.

So to repeat, anything that has a last-posted in date in 2016 will be moved to the appropriate graveyarded section UNLESS they have the word "Hiatus" in the TITLE.
We will be using the LAST POSTED ON date, which is here:


If that looks like this:


Then your story will be moved UNLESS it has "Hiatus" in the title in some form, like this:

**My examples are using my stories from 2018, but remember, this ONLY is necessary if your story has a last-posted-in date of 2016 or OLDER! This is just an example!**

It is completely fine if you wish to keep ANY story you have that's lasted posted-in date is older than 2017 - but if you don't let us know via the title with "Hiatus" in it, we won't know to not move it. Even if you PM me (and I'd do my very best) I'm prone to forgetting, so it's best to just keep it all in the title where it's clear and easy for us moderators to see when we're doing this clean-up. KEEP IN MIND: this does not mean any stories that were CREATED prior to 2016, this just means any stories that haven't been COMMENTED in since 2016!

So, there are TWO ways you can avoid your non-completed story being moved:
1. You can put "Hiatus" in the title, as I showed.
2. Or you can comment on your story, thus making the "last posted-in" date be current.

Should you be away for this time/somehow not see this announcement/are unaware/think you want your story moved but change your mind after it's been moved, simply PM me (Livvielove) with the link to your story and the request to move it back and I'll move your thread back for you so you can continue on posting in it! The Graveyard is there not to shame or be a place of permanent death for stories, but a place where stories - which are incomplete for whatever reason - can be stored. They are NOT gone forever!

Not every story will be affected by this, the stories that will not be are the ones who are: have a last-posted-in date from 2017 or later, OR are in the COMPLETED stories section. The completed story section will not be touched!

So this next Saturday, October 27th, we will be moving any stories that are 2016 and OLDER to the graveyard, based off their last-commented date, UNLESS they have "Hiatus" in the title. Please use this week if you have older stories to decide what you would like to do with them. If you wish to keep them, pursue one of the methods to ensure it doesn't get moved. If you wish for it to be moved, just leave it be and it'll be moved when we do our clean-up on the 27th.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me. Thanks for hanging in there with us, everyone! We'll have this place ship-shape in no time!

Clean-up begins on October 27th, 2018.