Welcome to the new Boolprop!

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Welcome to the new Boolprop!

Postby Rhea » July 20th, 2014, 5:04 pm

Welcome to the new Boolprop!

Hi everyone, welcome to the new Boolprop! We'd like to start by thanking all of you for being willing to make this move with us and coming over to our new forums. We've been working incredibly hard to set up these forums, move over important topics and include popular features, while improving upon others. In general, this move gives us a lot more control over the forums. The previous forums, being free, left us powerless when there was a down time or anything was going wrong. This was a huge factor in us deciding to make this move. We now have better spam control and will be able to implement new changes (like custom themes) in the future. Below is a list of some of our new & updated features. Those of you who were on the original forums will remember quite a few of these - but there are also a few new surprises.

Welcome PM System
You all should have received a welcome PM when you signed up for these forums. This is part of a new system that will send a message to new users to welcome them to the forums and give them some information, such as areas that may be of interest to someone who is new.

Better Spam Control
We've set it up so that a new user's first post has to be approved by the admin & mod team. This should drastically reduce the amount of spam that makes its way to the boards. As always, in the rare event you do find some spam, you will be able to report it using the report button on that post.

Custom Post Titles
Yep! Custom post titles are back! To change your custom post title: Click on "User Control Panel" and then select the "Profile" tab. There is a spot listed under birthday for the custom ranks. Please use some common sense and keep these custom titles appropriate. Obviously impersonating admin or mods through these post titles will result in a warning and removal of custom title privileges.

New Smilies
That's right, with more forum control we now have the ability to add more smilies! Some old favorites have returned ( :pan: for example), and some new ones have been added. :bounce: This is an area of the forums that is sure to expand in the future. These smilies will also work in the chatbox.

New & Improved Chatbox
Our new chatbox is loaded with requested features! You no longer have to enter in your username. This is taken care of automatically. The new CB will refresh every 15 seconds so you no longer have to keep refreshing to view replies. There is also a click sound notification that you can toggle on and off. This is especially handy if you like to have multiple windows open while keeping up with a CB conversation. With this snazzy new chatbox, there is no need for a "General Chat" topic in off-topic. Posts of that nature should be put in the chatbox.

Tapatalk for Easier Mobile Browsing
Browsing the forums on your phone or mobile devices has never been easier! Install the Tapatalk App on your mobile device, and follow the instructions.

Just what everyone has been waiting for! Medals are back! Since they are such a major feature of the site, Rosanna has written up an awesome post for those of you who are wondering what medals are. You can view that post right here.
If you are moving over from our previous forums, you can get your very first medal by following the instructions in this member check-in thread. This is, of course, another area of the site that will be constantly expanding. Happy collecting! :)

Admin & Moderator Changes

You may have noticed a few changes to the admin & moderator lineup. First of all, Teresa is now an admin! Ally will be jumping into the legacy section and Chase will be your new off-topic moderator. With the forums being more tight knit now, all moderators will be global. Basically that just means that while each mod has their specific area of expertise, they will be able to handle requests from all areas of the forum. Some of the team colours have been updated as well! :)

As always, feel free to contact any of the team with any questions, suggestions or concerns. We're happy to help! :) Enjoy the new forums!
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Re: Welcome to the new Boolprop!

Postby singinghymns » July 22nd, 2014, 6:32 pm

Everything looks great! Loving the new forums!
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Re: Welcome to the new Boolprop!

Postby Iya » August 15th, 2014, 9:17 pm

I'm glad we've finally managed a better forum. it's beautiful and I can't wait to start fresh here. :bounce:
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