Sims disappearing from relationship panel

Sims disappearing from relationship panel

Postby Nevermore » April 15th, 2018, 8:17 am

I have Ambitions and Late Night installed. No mods at all.

I've noticed recently, that when my sims go out and meet other sims, they talk once. Then I continue on playing them, the sim disappears completely from my sims relationship panel like they never even met. I had them go out and meet a lot of sims, and within a week, they only had a couple of those sims on their relationship panel. Even some of their friends have disappeared. The only sims that seem to stay are co-workers and their boss.

I noticed it even more with two of my teen sims. I wanted them to know everyone in High School, but they kept meeting the same sims over and over. Another sim moved out of his household, and his two former roommates had completely disappeared as if he never new them. He lived with them for 4 weeks, so he should know them. This didn't happen before I installed Ambitions. Sims just stayed on their relationship panels.

It isn't game breaking glitch, but it could make working on skills like Charisma very difficult with their relationships vanishing. Have I stumbled on a glitch or something?



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