Locke Takes on the Alphabet / Generation E Heir Poll

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Who will be Heir?

Elijah Locke
Eileen Locke
No votes
Eve Locke
Total votes : 6

Locke Takes on the Alphabet / Generation E Heir Poll

Postby Ellenyarai » January 29th, 2016, 6:28 pm

Yes indeedy it is that time again! Do me a huge favor and vote for your favorite Locke spawn!


First up is Elijah Locke!

He wants a Nerd Brain and is: Lazy, Outgoing, Physically Gifted, a Quick Learner, and Family-Oriented.

Elijah does not currently have a love interest.


This is the lovely Eileen Locke!

She just wants to have a little fun and be a Serial Romantic. Her traits are: Cheerful, Childish, Creatively Gifted, Alluring, and Perfectionist.

She also doesn't currently have a love interest. Much to her displeasure.


Lastly is Eve Locke!

A Master Mixologist is what she wants to be! Eve's traits are: Goofball, Foodie, Socially Gifted, and Essence of Flavor. (She isn't an adult quite yet)

And because I'm lazy AF she also doesn't have a love interest. Maybe I should just download some people and let them pick for themselves no?

Thank you guys so much for voting! I'm gonna go binge-watch Criminal Minds in peace now!
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