The Morven Family Dynasty

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The Morven Family Dynasty

Postby Whirligig » October 25th, 2016, 4:51 am

This is my 3rd? attempt at the Immortal Dynasty Challenge . It's a legacy-ish challenge, but instead of your founder dying and leaving their legacy to their descendents, the founder and each of their heirs (i.e. firstborn children) live on forever with the help of Ambrosia. The goal is to meet a series of requirements before your sim may eat Ambrosia (as an Elder) and to eventually fill up the house with eight immortal elders.

I may at some point upload all of this to a blog, but for now, I'll just be posting links to the chapters on my thread in the Carl's Guide community.

The Morven Family Dynasty

Most Recent Chapter: Chapter 19


Generation 1: Iris
Iris Morven. 2 Plates of Ambrosia

Traits: Goofball, Outgoing, Squeamish, Gregarious (From Popularity Aspiration)
1. Career: Entertainer - Comedian.
2. Aspiration 1: Friend of the World
Aspiration 2: Joke Star
3. Skill 1: Charisma
Skill 2: Comedy
Skill 3: Violin
4. Rewards: Free Services, Insta-Lean Potion, Frugal, Instant Sleep Potion
5. Parties/Gold Medals: Date with Joaquin / Wedding with Joaquin / Adult Birthday Party / Black and White Bash / House Party
6. Friends: Cassandra Goth BFF, Olivia Spencer-Kim, Alexander Goth, Ayla Ayala, Yuki Behr, Candy Behr
7. Whims: Confident: Make a Friend / Happy: Tell a Joke / Energised: Hip Bump Someone / Playful: Impishly Pester someone / Inspired: Make a group meal / Embarrassed: Call Someone on the phone / Tense: Try to calm self down in the mirror
8. Museum Items: Sugar Skulls. Sunny ($100), 7 other Common ones ($10), Total: $170
Helpers: Joaquin LeChien (Spouse), Sergio Romeo (Helper).
Children: Rose Morven

Chapter 1 - The Airhead Blonde
Chapter 2 - Renovation and Adaptation
Chapter 3 - Something in the Water
Chapter 4 - Birthdays and a Wedding
Chapter 5 - Serious Adults
Chapter 6 - Show Stopper
Chapter 7 - La Día De Los Muertos
Chapter 8 - Soulmates
Chapter 9 - In Another Life
Chapter 10 - A Picnic in the Park
Chapter 11 - Hot Dogs
Chapter 12 - Growing Up

Generation 2: Rose
Chapter 13 - Whims and Angelfish
Chapter 14 - I Promise I Love Him
Chapter 15 - Onya Mate!
Chapter 16 - The Heir is Born
Chapter 17 - Anything but Witches
Chapter 18 - Gerald Morven's Guide to World Domination
Chapter 19 - A Replacement?

If you're interested, the spreadsheet where I keep track of my accomplishments can be found here. Note: I update this as I'm playing, and as such, it contains spoilers!
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