Sims 4 Whimacy

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Sims 4 Whimacy

Postby skyegal23 » February 2nd, 2017, 2:50 pm

My Sims 4 Whimacy Rules
Start with an YA Founder, you can freely chose aspiration and traits
Choose a Lifespan, you must stay with this Lifespan for the entire 8 generations
Choose a lot, you can move into a Flat, an empty lot or a pre-made house, you can even download a lot from the gallery or rooms as long as your founder is able to afford it
You can have a family trait but if you do, all children must get the trait on their teen birthday.
As soon as you start playing, pin the whims. You are not allowed to delete any whims are pinned but can cancel unpinned whims to get new ones as some whims are just silly, like just because a sim learned cooking they need a chef station and banquet table that they will never use. You can only help your sims with Fulfilling whims, you cannot socialize, marry, befriend or have children with other sims unless it is wished for,
Autonomy must be full and sims must age.
You can only direct a sim to fulfill a need if it is in the red and you must do so by clicking on the need for them to sort out their need themselves.
You can direct them to go to work or school, you don’t need a wish to do so. You can also chose a work tone. For Professions, you can do the tasks asked but are not allowed to socialize unless it is a wish or task. You can also do their daily task for work.
No skilling unless there is a wish for it or it is part of a task for work.
You cannot marry or move in a sim until it is a whim. You are allowed to use the interactions needed to get the whim satisfied , for example, The sims wants to go steady, you can kiss and flirty until that option shows up
No children unless the sims wish for it. There is a way round it and that is below
You can freely sell collectibles and caught fish in backpack if they had a wish to collect or catch them
City Living- Can call Landlord to complain as cannot buy new pipes and electric boxes when they break
Get Together- Can Join club if there is a whim or invited, can go to club gatherings if there is a whim or invited but it is up to the sims actions or whims what happens at the gatherings, When Invited out can go but cannot direct sim to do anything unless there is a Whim.
Sometimes you may need help to have children, that is where the subistute try for baby instead of woo-hoo comes in. you can only do this if your sims wishes to woo-hoo with a sim that they have already woo-hooed with then you use try for baby instead.
Traits and Aspiration- These can be random or your sim can choose them
Broken objects- can only be repaired if sim wishes for it or does it on their own. In apartments for Broken plumbing/fuses can complain to landlord
Paying Bills- A free action, dosen’t need to be wished for
You can only cancel whims if impossible to achieve
You can buy traits but potions are banned with points earned from Whims
No cheats or Mods for Changing Moods, adding money. You can add mods for risky woo-hoo if you want.
You can choose Heir/Heiress any way you like and they take over on their Young Adult Birthday. Each Founder/Heir should achieve at least one aspiration before next heir takes over or heir has to wait until one is completed. Once chosen aspirations can’t be changed until completed.
Other members of the household still can only do whims and their needs can only be fulfilled if they are in the red.
Baby/Toddler care- an older sim can take care of their needs if their needs are in the red. For Babies when they are in the sad emotion.
Spares can be moved out upon reaching ya if you wish
House Decorating- You can buy and sell objects and change furnishings as much as you like, no whims are needed
You can also makeover sims hair and clothes freely
Reward- Once 1st Aspiration is completed, you get a whole 24 hours sim hours of controlling your sim.
Note- If sim sets there self on fire, you can direct them to extinguish fire
Also can accept outings out if asked but cannot socialise unless a whim appears.
Concerning Dates- Can do all tasks but must have whim or be asked to go on one.
Helpful Hint- Ougoing and Romantic traits are good to have for your sim to want relationships. Maybe Family Oriented, I haven't tested that.
You can bake birthday cakes to age sims up but only on their actual birthday, not before.
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Re: Sims 4 Whimacy

Postby Kota » February 3rd, 2017, 10:43 pm

I'm going to try this out immediately, it sounds perfect for me to break some of my control freak habits. Hehe. I'm slightly nervous about fulfilling an aspiration based only on the whims and autonomy of the sim but I'm excited to try.

Edit: Question! Can you direct them to get a job or is that also whim dependent?
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Re: Sims 4 Whimacy

Postby skyegal23 » February 4th, 2017, 1:26 am

No they must have a whim to get a job.
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