The Disney Legacy by Fight (TS3)

The Disney Legacy by Fight (TS3)

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Are you a Disney lover like me? Then this challenge is perfect for you! Much like the DITFT challenge, The Disney Legacy has objectives to complete each generation. The twist is that each generation is based off of a Disney movie. Can your legacy get their happily ever after?

The original challenge can be found here, but since it hasn't been updated since Generations, I decided to take it under my wing and adapt the rules to the new expansion packs. If you have an idea for a generation, or an idea for a rule in the challenge, please post below because I will take it under consideration! You do not have to do all generations - in fact, you can mix and match generations if you wish. If you don't like one generation, skip it! It's your legacy! I'd rather you skip a generation then endure one that you dislike playing.

- No cheats unless it's building cheats or you're game is glitching and you need to use them.
- Start out on any lot, as long as you're not using money cheats to get it.
- Mods are A-OK here. There are just some annoying aspects to the game that you'd rather not play, so it's completely ok.
- Your heir/ess for each gen. does NOT need to follow the gender of the main character in the movie.
- All children must live with the heir until at least YA when they can be moved out. However, you can have live-in spares if you wish.

GENERATION 1: Cinderella

Forced to clean and cook for your evil stepsisters and mother, you never knew life had such great experiences.
Founders always have humble beginnings and what better way to kick off this challenge than the story of Cinderella?!
• Must have “Neat” trait
• Must make all of the beds in the morning, cook all the meals and basically clean all day. NO MAIDS.
• Must live with two ugly stepsisters and an evil stepmom.
o Stepsisters must have: mean spirited, snob, and schmoozer as traits.
o Stepmom must have: evil, mean spirited, and snob traits.
• Move out of the house once you find your “Prince Charming”.
• Get married and have kids .
NOTE: For storytellers, you can choose to have a ball and follow the lines of the movie if you want!


“Could it be, that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family’s heart…”
Your family always expected great things from you but you found yourself having other interests.
• Must have an entirely different LTW than all of the other family members.
• Must reach the top of your career choice. (To follow the movie, you could make it the Military career.)
• Become enemies with your parents but befriend them by the end of the generation (or before they die, whichever comes first).
• Marry, have kids.

GENERATION 3: Toy Story (REQUIRES GENERATIONS. If you don't have it, then see 3.5)

"You've got a friend in me!"
No one believed that your toy was real. So how were you going to prove to them that you were in love?
• Heir/heiress must have Imaginary Friend doll
• Turn the doll into an IF
• Turn the IF into a human
• Marry your IF and have children.

GENERATION 3.5: Fox And The Hound
Friends come from all different types of places…
• Fall in love with your best friend, who just so happens to be your opposite
• Your family doesn’t approve—have a private wedding
• Sneak out to meet your love
o Don’t get caught by the police one time
o Get caught and brought back home by the police one time
• Have children and get married (not necessarily in that order)

GENERATION 4: Snow White

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
You are beautiful and many found your beauty to be infuriating. Better watch your back!
• Have at least 10 enemies
• Must have the “good” trait
• Run away from home. It's the only way to stay safe.
[*]Have 7 roommates or 'dwarves'(using the roommate system if you have University)
[*]Befriend roommates
• Experience your untimely death at the hands of someone who hates you
• Have your “prince charming” raise you from the dead (this now means that you are a playable ghost sim)
• Have children—this HAS to come after you are raised from the dead.


GENERATION 5: The Little Mermaid

“Wish I could be part of your world…”
You were teased for being a ghost/mermaid child. It was unnatural. Still, some find beauty within and when you found the love of your life, you were willing to do anything in order to become human again.
• Heir/Heiress must be a ghost/mermaid.
• Fall in love while in ghost/mermaid form.
• Must be transformed to be human again
• Get married have children (must be after you transfer from ghost/mermaid to human.


“I can’t go back to where I used to be…”
Your parents concealed you from the world, in fear that you would be made fun of or thought of differently because your mother/father was previously a ghost. The only way to fix this was if you agreed to marry a stranger—your parents thought it would save you the heart break later.
• You CANNOT have any friends at school—or you can be homeschooled
• You aren’t allowed to leave the house, unless it is for school
• Frequently sneak out after dark—don’t get caught
o Meet your future lover on one of your rebellious sneak outs
• Have parents arrange your marriage to a stranger
• Leave the stranger at the altar and find your “street rat”
o Lover MUST be in the criminal career (“Prince Ali” was a thief, remember?)
• Get married to lover, have children.


“Oh I just can’t wait to be King!”
Let’s face it; you are filthy, stinking rich! The world is at your fingertips—or so your Dad has told you. You can have anything you want!
• Be super popular
[*] Have ONE childhood best friend.
• Make one enemy (every Simba needs a Scar, no?)
• Have heir/heiress from Gen. 6 die (in the typical one-parent-is-always-dead Disney style)
• Leave everything behind and live humbly away from your riches
[*] Have and befriend 2 roommates (We all need a Pumbaa and Timone, right?)
• Move back into your original house
[*] Be reunited with childhood best friend and fall in love.
• Get married have kids

GENERATION 8: The Nightmare Before Christmas

There is always the criminal. Your grandfather/mother was a criminal, so how bad can you be, right? Pretty bad.
• Join criminal career
[*]Reach the top of the criminal career
[*]Fall in love ONLY ONCE you reach the top of the career
[*]Quit your job--love has changed you!
[*]Get married, have kids.


"And at last I see the light..."
Since your parent was a Criminal, they thought it would be safest for you to be sheltered from the real world.
- Rapunzel sim MUST have the artistic, ambitious and Brave traits
- Never leave home (unless it's for school)
- Get to level 5 street art skill and decorate your room with paintings (UL required, if you don't have use normal painting skill)
- Have no friends except for a pet (pets required, if you don't have it then disregard this rule)
- As soon as you become young adult run away with a total stranger. (in criminal career. Flynn was a criminal, right?))
- Become best friends with your new room mate
- Become romantic interest with your room mate
- become enemies with your parent(s)
- Marry your room mate
- Have room mate quit criminal career
- Get a new hairstyle and change your hair colour

GENERATION 10: Pocahontas

"You think I'm an ignorant savage, you've been so many places, I guess it must be so. Still I cannot see, if the savage one is me, how can there be so much that you don't know?"
Two different worlds and one heart beating for the same thing. Love. Can your differences bring you together or tear you apart?
-Fall in love with a "different" kind of sim! I.E. Berry sim, Vampire, any life state, etc.
-Marry that "different" kind of sim.
-Have your wedding be either a big party or private--depending on how your parents feel about it.
-Have kids, the whole shebang

GENERATION 11: Sleeping Beauty

"The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But... before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel - AND DIE!"
Your parents have a rivalry with somebody and are in great danger. If you don't run away, you could die!
• Must be sent away - move if you don't have generations, send to prep school for both child and teen if you do. Storytellers can use this time to pose this heir in a preppy type of school lot.
• Must have the “good” trait
• Have ONLY 3 friends (or fairies)
• Experience your untimely death at the hands of someone who hates you
• Have your “prince charming” raise you from the dead (in the Sims 3, this now means that you are a playable ghost sim)
• Have children—this HAS to come after you are raised from the dead

GENERATION 12: The Princess and The Frog

"My daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love! He never lost sight of what was really important. And neither will I!"
*Make sure father/mother has passed away before you've reached young adulthood
*Grow up in a working class family
*Work hard for your dream of opening your own business.( As a chef, journalist, pretty much anything besides anything in the music, sports or theater tracks.)
*Have the Workaholic and ambitious traits
*Meet a snob and hate them (reason for hate can be your choice)
*Later on get to know them more and fall in love
*Get married and accomplish dream (have as many children as you'd like)

GENERATION 13: Beauty And The Beast

“New and a bit alarming. Who’d have ever thought that this could be? True that he’s no Prince Charming, but there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.”
Despite the fact your family is all outgoing, you were more of the quiet type. You longed for the romance of your ancestors—the type that only seemed to belong in books.
• Must have “Bookworm” trait
• Mother or Father goes to jail
o For storytellers: this is where the heir/ess would meet “the beast”. Creative control takes over from here!
• Heir/ess gets kidnapped and brought to live in a creepy old mansion
• Heir/ess falls in love with the “beast”—a werewolf, or ugly sim if you don't have Supernatural.
• Get married have children.

GENERATION 14: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“If I was in their skin, I'd treasure every instant out there, strolling by the Seine, taste a morning out there, like ordinary men, who freely walk about there. Just one day, and then I swear I'll be content with my share…”

Beauty within your butt! Your parents may be content with their life—after all, love is all that matters to them—but you are made fun of for your…odd appearance. Constantly bullied, you found it hard to make friends.
• Throughout childhood, make more enemies than friends.
[*] Must be werewolf/ugly.
• Meet the woman—or man—of your dreams and try to woo them
• Must have “Loser” trait
• Lose the woman or man of your dreams to a more—let’s face it—popular and beautiful person.
• No children. How could you bear to let your children face the same ugly fate as you?
o For storytellers: this is your chance for creativity! Either kill off the 10th generation heir/ess, or make it so that it is physically impossible for them to have kids with their “partner”. Anything goes for the 10th generation!

GENERATION 14.5: Peter Pan (For those who want a happier ending)

I don’t want to grow up!
Some people refuse to grow out of their childhood. You were one of those people.
• Must have “childish” trait
• May never get a job
• For Generations: constantly pull pranks on your parents or siblings
• Don’t get married or have children (girls/boys have cooties anyway!)
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