The Power of a Name: Gen. 3 Heir Poll

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Who will be the third gen heir?

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The Power of a Name: Gen. 3 Heir Poll

Postby Ani-Mei » May 19th, 2018, 12:25 am

I was playing along nicely then my laptop decided to have a VIDEO.TDR (no idea what that is) failure and crashed so I may as well get my kids up and ready for the poll. Normally I would only put in the Genie kids but for this generation I want to see if things go differently so all five kids will be included this time:

First Born: Izack Vanderburg (Vampire)


LTW:Pervasive Private Eye

Izack is interesting to me, mostly because I misclicked on his fourth trait selection and his LTW changed when I went into CAS to fix it. I also have never done this Ambitions LTW before so it could be interesting, or it could drive me up the wall. Either way, if he wins I'll get to find out. I also love the way he looks, his story gives me ideas. A Brave and Perceptive PI who also loves music and is a Genius he could be the next Sherlock Holmes also he's pretty cute and I love his default hair he got on age up, it so suits him.

Second Born: Vzira Vanderburg (Genie)


LTW: None yet

Vzira is the only girl this generation and she inherited her mother's red hair which looks stunning against her pale skin TBH. She loves to invent new things and try them out and being the only girl gives her a good chance to be the next heir. Depending on her LTW roll when she turns into a YA, I might be able to come up with something for her to do. She currently has a romantic Prom interest in Terrell Goth so I may find something interesting to do with that.

Third Born: Okum Vanderburg (Vampire)


LTW: None yet

Okum is the second one to be born a vampire and his Childish trait could be interesting. A childish vampire, that's a new one on me. But so far he hasn't shown me a lot but I have a feeling he will once he grows up. I will probably be sending the kids to college for the spouse hunting. He is also the first born of the triplets so he's just newly teened. Okum has four letters in his name that I haven't used yet so the next generation won't have to be dupes on the lettering.

Fourth Born: Ryder Vanderburg (Genie)


Easily Impressed
Couch Potato
LTW: None yet

Ryder is my little dork, there's one every generation it seems. I also loved the way he looked when he teened and he also inherited his mother's red hair. Except his favourite colour of Hot Pink clashes horribly with it which will only add to his dorkiness. He will love college since he also likes Geek Rock which couldn't fit him more. I have no idea what he'll show me once he goes to college but I do hope it will be interesting.

Fifth Born: Yaxley Vanderburg (Genie)


Supernatural Fan
LTW: None yet

Yaxley is the second to get Ivory's hair and it suits him. As a Supernatural Fan he'll be in heaven at college (assuming this trait won't glitch him) I can see him finding a nice werewolf girl there because he's Brave like his three other siblings so her full moon howls probably won't bother him much. He suits the colour Hot Pink better because he's not a redhead I think.
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