The Trailer Park Challenge for sims 3

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The Trailer Park Challenge for sims 3

Postby skyegal23 » October 1st, 2016, 2:00 pm

I love sims 3 and i have decided to attempt to recreate a favourite challenge from sims 2, I didn't create the original challenge, it was done by Fuzzy Spork on live journal.
Here are my rules
The main goal of this challenge is to bring up a family in a trailer with hardly any money and no birth control. It runs for 4 gens and ends when 4 gen heir reaches elderhood
  1. No deleting things for money either through inventory
    Seasons should be set to 5 days each totalling 20 days a year.
    Mods are allowed but not for money or mood
Frist of all create your founder. They can be male or female and can have any traits, favourites and lifetime wish. They must be of YA Age.
You must purchase a 50x50 lot for the family to bluild thier home. When bluilding the trailer, interior walls can be put anywhere but keep in mind that once placed they cannot be moved. You may bluild 2 bathrooms but may only afford 1 toilet at starting plus 2 rooms that can be used for bedrooms.
Trailer must be on a foundation of 6x20 squares. All walls must be painted and must cost at least 2 simolens. CC may be used also but must cost at least 2 simolens too, same rule for the flooring.
The trailer must have a roof
Each room with an outside wall must have a window
There must be a front and back door. these should lead to a deck of at least 4 squares which must be added onto the foundation.
The trailer must also have 3 counters, a sink, fridge and stove in the kitchen
Must be at least 1 toilet and tub, can have combition shower/tub but cant have shower on its own
May have smoke alarm but no burgular alarm
Challenge Gens
1st Heir
2nd Heir
3rd Heir
4th Heir
Children, births
  1. Fertilty treatment must be used as soon as its avaliable. If family owns tv or stereo kids channel/station must be on through pregnancy
    If using nrass woo-hooer should be risky and should replace normal woo-hoo. Try for baby must also be autonomus
    there should be at least 4 pregancies each generation
    Children can be born in marriage or through affairs or alien abduction
    All children belonging to heir or spouse can be heir
    plantsims cannot be heir and neither can adopted sims.
Your founder and every subsequent heir can be in a realsionship with either gender. The only requirement is that they find a significant other and get married. Here are the restrictions:
  1. They cannot marry sims classed as rich
    They cannot marry cas sims or downloaded sims
    Spouse can move in either before or after engagment
    Spouses Inventory- can remove gradutuion certifcate and place on lot but rest of items must go into family inventory until yard sale
    Heirs cannot marry until baby bump has appeared but must be married before the baby is born
    Wedding party must be thrown on home lot with arch and keg then both items must go into family inventory
    If spouse dies before 4th pregnancy, they must re-marry and carry on
    All graves must stay on lot and all ghosts be allowed to roam freely
    Any money spouse brings in can be used immeditely but has some restictions. under 5000- Can be used as wished, 5000-8000- Driveway and truck, 8000-10,000- driveway, truck and Classically fix upper car, 10,000- 12,000- doublewide trailer (another 6*20 trailer next to trailer, can knock down walls for a bigger space), 15,000 or more- doublewide trailer, car, truck and driveway.
Raising the kids
  1. Can train toddlers if you want to
    Kids mainly on free will, can only direct to do homework and fulfill needs
    Teenagers cannot be controlled at all
    All traits and ltw must be randomized
    Sims that have the following traits cannot be heir- Genius, snob, Workaholic, ambitous, avant garde,born salesman, lucky, proper and star quality
    University is banned
    Sims can only age up on thier actual birthday
Only 1 adult at work and only at certain times. Teens and Elders cannot take jobs, If an elder already works must work til they die or quit.
Heir poll must be done each gen and include all children. Must be done before eldest child reaches YA.
Jobs Allowed- Education, Music and Criminal. Can only work until Level 5, Must quit immedetiely if get promoted beyond that level and get rid of bonus.
Can accept opputrunties and keep money earned.
The Sale
Must be on 1st day of summer, take all items you want to sell to the consignment store and put them up for sell. This can only be done on the 1st day of summer.
All objects can be sold through buy mode on this day too.
Founder must start with two dogs
Dogs can be breeded but puppies cannot be adopted. Must stay or move out with spare.
Each dog must have own bed and must be on covered porch, not inside.
Sculpting, inventing and bot maker are allowed but items made must go in family inventory until summer sale
You can have bots in family but only ones created
Sims can dig in trash and go dumpster diving and keep found items
All supernatural sims are allowed
Lifetime reward- They can be used apart from ones that provide money and ones that improve needs
No writing novels for money
All gifts must go into family inventory.
Sims can use tents
All broken electronics must be sold via buy mode, cannot be repaired
broken plumbing can be repaired
No selling windows or doors
can change wall and floor coverings but cannot delete old ones
Service sims
No service sims are allowed
The Rest
Sims cannot perform for tips on community lots
Vacations are allowed if sims can afford it.
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Re: The Trailer Park Challenge for sims 3

Postby skyegal23 » October 1st, 2016, 4:21 pm

I have started this myself and here is my 1st update
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Re: The Trailer Park Challenge for sims 3

Postby Jenn » October 28th, 2018, 6:14 am

Where is the scoring and the rules for money gained to get the doublewide and hunting land? Why do we have to have fertility treatment? Why are seasons 5 days instead of the normal 7?
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